Step to Step of Challenge Preparation Tips From Ancient Indian Scriptures

(Last Updated On: November 18, 2016)


Step to step of challenge preparation is basically for all the individuals who wants to conquer the all challenges of their of life. Step by step means steps of all activities that is necessary for making body fit and brain ready to face the obstacles of life.

Firstly, for those people who are students and individuals those are handling the major intellectual activities like engineers, scientists, doctors, administrator, lawyers. The kitchen is giving some physical activities list that must be followed regularly.

Don’t worry this, all activities does not take your much time and money. You have to bond with these activities. Aadhyatmm is promoter of Indian philosophy and culture that’s why we are here introducing some ”Patanjali yoga” and ”karma yoga” activities.

We will do step by step first of all we should accept the duty and culture of speaking the good name with doing some yoga exercises. how you’ll do it? Aadhyatmm will provide you all activities here


In this section we will introduce the list of yoga exercise which will take you only 20 minutes to do regularly Pranayam doing include some rules that you should first empty your stomach. Use woolen gears to do Pranayam and drink glass of water after yoga exercise i.e.


This yoga Pranayam takes you only 2 minutes with one blanket or woolen gear for sitting in ”Gyan mudra”.

anulom vilom pranayam

1.(i) Steps to Follow:

  • First sit in Gyan Mudra on the woolen gear .
  • Raise your right hand and close left nostril and take breath by right nostril and then close the right nostril and exhale breath by left nostril.
  • Do it 5 to 7 times daily morning in empty stomach. as shown in diagram


This Pranayam increase your immune power and strength of respiratory organs. This Pranayam also wipe out the all diseases of hearts through exchanging of breaths.


This Pranayam takes only 5 minutes to do. Same procedure of sitting as discussed above.

brahmri pranayam on keyshone

  • Sit on the woolen gear in gyan mudra.
  • Take a long breath with your both nostril and stop this breath in your lungs.
  • After that raise your both hands and close your both ears with middle finger.
  • Start buzzing like humming bird or flies without opening the mouth.
  • Do it 5-7 times regularly.

Benefits of this Pranayam:

Brahmri Pranayam increase the memory power and immune power because the buzzing sound starts the secretions dopamine, proteins juices in neurons.


This Asana of yoga increases the attraction and intellectual power of individualism.

budhi shakti vardhak paryog

Step To Follow:

  • Stand straight on the woolen gear.
  • Touch your both hands with your thighs and close you hands.
  • See in the sky,ceiling with opening eye
  • Take 15 -25 fast breaths and after that stand in the normal condition.


Karam yoga is the principle and duties suggested by the Lord Krishna to the great warrior Arjuna to win the battle of Mahabharata without any sins. Karam yoga includes


Naam jap is the activity of speaking the god name anytime.but if you can do in early morning that’s gives miracoulous results in  your life.

2. DAAN : Activity of charity or donation once in month or week as per your status brings happiness in your life due to the blessings.

3. SNAN: Activity of bathing regularly that’s make you more good and nice. daily bathing in the morning is also a good thing according to lord Krishna.


Karam yoga is the prescribed methods of lord Krishna so it upon you what do you decide. This takes your own timings which suits you. Happy aadhyatmm! 🙂