Top 10 Proven Symptoms & Ways to Treat Depression Within a Month

(Last Updated On: February 19, 2018)

Top 10 Proven Symptoms & Ways to Treat Depression Within a Month

Top 10 Proven Symptoms & Ways to Treat Depression Within a Month

How to treat depression? Most of you searched on the internet for proven ways to treat depression.Today, you will learn about 10 proven symptoms & ways to treat depression within a month.

Depression is a state of mind that makes you lose yourself. It’s a state of mind that affects both the mental as well as the physical health. In this fast moving world, depression is something, which engulfs every 1 out of 5 people.

Most of the times, people don’t realize this state and they misunderstand the symptoms of depression with mere sadness.  It is a disorder that affects the way you feel, think and act.

It makes you lose interest from your daily activities and brings you serious health issues like insomnia, low blood pressure, panic attacks, anxiety disorder, digestion problems etc.  To treat depression, the first and the foremost important thing is to realize and accept this issue and not take it lightly. Friends and family of the patient need to understand the problem the patient is dealing with.

Depression is mostly neglected by the people and is considered as a thing to be ashamed of. Whereas, it is a very common problem, which on being neglected can lead to other serious health issues.

Depression is a war that one needs to fight with own self. It needs a lot of courage and persistence.

Common Symptoms of Depression Are:

  1. Insomnia or Disrupted sleep
  2. Fatigue
  3. Chest pain
  4. Loss of interest in the daily activities and Loss of interest in the hobbies
  5. Low Blood pressure
  6. Suicidal thoughts
  7. Anxiety
  8. Irregular eating habits
  9. Loss of concentration
  10. Feeling of sadness and loss of confidence

Depression can vary from a seasonal affective disorder to a major depressive disorder or a chronic depression. It is of utmost importance to diagnose the symptoms and to be aware of the changes that are happening with someone or somebody around.

People around the patient and the patient himself should be aware enough to know how to treat depression as negligence at any point of time might lead to deadly consequences.

A person who is in depression should be the first person to realize his emotional and mental state and thus should be ready to accept the changes thereby developing the patience and perseverance in order to practically implement the ways to treat depression.

There are several ways to treat depression. The patient needs to diagnose the level and the intensity of depression in order to deal with it. If the depression seems to be chronic reflecting various symptoms affecting the physical health, he should consult a psychiatrist or a psychologist for that matter.

Doctors usually prescribe some antidepressants which help the brain to relax further improving the sleep cycles. But the patient should not completely depend on the antidepressants as they may have some serious side effects that leave a person’s body to get addicted to those drugs.

Antidepressants can also lead to memory loss if consumed for a longer tenure. Thus, antidepressants should be considered only for a shorter span of time until a patient gets recovered from the bad sleeping cycles and feels that his physical problems are getting cured. Once that stage is crossed, the patient should focus on self help.

10 Proven Ways to Treat Depression Are:

  1. The patient should avoid being alone. He should engage himself with friends and family even if he doesn’t feel like doing so.
  2. He should talk about his state of mind with his near and dear ones. Whereas, usually the one who is in depression loses trust from everybody. But he should keep this thing in mind that sharing his problems will be the best help he can do to himself.
  3. The patient should indulge himself in some breathing exercises and meditation.
  4. Keeping a diary is the best remedy to deal with depression. Keeping a diary helps a person to realize his thoughts and manage his emotions.
  5. The person who is dealing with depression should keep himself busy. He should not allow any spare time to himself.
  6. He should start working out regularly. As exercise helps in refreshing the mood thereby releasing the hormones which make a person feel good.
  7. The person should avoid and restrict his thought process that leads to negative emotions.
  8. He should always keep himself surrounded by positive people who are high on life.
  9. He should consider going on a holiday cutting himself from his monotonous life for few days.
  10. Watching motivational videos and inspirations movies help a lot to fight depression.

Thus, to deal with depression is to fight depression. Family and friends should be ready to accept the current mindset of the patient and should show extra care and love so that the patient can regain his self confidence.

A person who has fought with depression is the best person to tell how to treat depression. So the patient should consider talking to such people who have been through the similar situation in their lives.

Disclaimer: We are not making any claim of results with this post. This is our own experience.This may vary from person to person.