7 Types of Jobs in Aerospace Engineering

(Last Updated On: August 23, 2020)
7 Types of Jobs in Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace engineering is one of the elegant departments in the engineering sector. The people who are in the aerospace engineering field experience some challenges that may not be faced by engineers in other departments.

A job in aerospace engineering is a dream for many who interest in both atmospheric vehicles, space vehicles, space research, and exploration. The product engineered by an aerospace engineer is meant to work in extreme or sometimes unknown circumstances. 

So the aerospace engineers are the flocks stand out from the rest of the engineering department because of their high salary and challenging projects.

Thre is a common misconception that the job of aerospace engineers is limited in space missions but they can perform a rewarding career in the mechanical engineering or aeronautical engineering sector also. 

#1 Aerospace Design Engineer

An aerospace design engineer job is suitable for those who are good at engineering designing Softwares like CATIA, AUTOCAD, PTC CREO, Solid Edge, etc.

Along with designing skills, a design engineer should know aircraft or spacecraft structures and production technologies. Design Engineer is required in every part of the development of a space vehicle or an aircraft.

Those who want to find a job in the aerospace design engineering field should know engineering design software knowledge and suitable domain knowledge. The domain knowledge may be different for different persons. 

For example, one who is interested in rocket or aircraft engines shod know propulsion systems and engineering designing Softwares and one who interested in aircraft or spacecraft structures should focus on the structural design.

#2 Military or Airforce Jobs

Aircraft, Missiles, and many other airborne weapons are now an integral part of the military and airforce of all the countries. Only by keeping this technology up to date will make them strong. 

So the majority of the countries are investing a huge amount in this defense sector. The job for aerospace engineers in the defense sector is available all the time.

 In India, defense-related research and development are done by defense research and development organization (DRDO). So those who are searching for a job in the aerospace engineering defense sector are a good choice.

#3 Aerospace Technician

The aerospace design engineering job should have good theoretical and design software knowledge. 

At the same time, an aerospace engineering technician should have a hand on experience in various tools and production technology.

The job of aerospace engineering technicians is to deal with various tools and production technologies that used for install, test, and maintain aerospace systems. 

There is a high demand for aerospace engineering technician jobs in aerospace equipment design, manufacturing, and maintenance section of both space and atmospheric vehicles.

#4 Designing payloads for space missions

The payload is the thing that a rocket carries to space. As per the conventional definition, aerospace engineering is the field of study deals with space vehicles. Not only vehicles every equipment that works space is subjected to extreme radiations and space weather.

So it is the job of an aerospace engineer to design the payloads for various missions proposed by various research institutes and scientific community. 

Aerospace engineering aspirants can choose this career if they are interested in physics especially in electronics or avionics.

#5 Propulsion Engineer 

One of the interesting and challenging jobs in aerospace engineering is the role of a propulsion engineer. The propulsion system is the backbone of space missions, they deal with the engine of the rocket or space vehicles.

To get a job in aerospace engineer as a propulsion engineer the candidate should know about propulsion systems, thermodynamics, and engineering design.

#6 Mission Specialist

One of the interesting and glamorous aerospace engineering jobs is the role of a space mission specialists. A mission specialist is the one who takes care of experiments, data collection, operation, and maintaining spacecraft.

Most of the mission specialist was selected from experienced aerospace engineers from different areas.

 #7 Avionics Engineer

Avionics is the branch of aerospace or aeronautical engineering which deals with the electronics side of spacecraft or aircraft. Those who are looking for a job in aerospace engineering and interested in electronics can choose this career.

The modern aircraft and space crafts require precise communication, navigation, and control system. 

All of these electronics kinds of stuff are designed and developed by avionics engineers.