say no to addiction and addictive personalities

(Last Updated On: March 7, 2015)

Say no to addiction and addictive personalities

Say no to addiction: hello! after a long break today we are available with an introduction and rising effects of addiction in the world.keyshone today is very conscious  and concern for those people who are addicted day by day by various addiction of drugs,alcohol,ciggerates,sigar,cocaine etc. keyshone  main aim is to make the world happy and peaceful that’s why keyshone is putting effort in changing the world.  Addiction is the continued use of a mood altering substance or behavior despite adverse consequences,or a neurological impairment leading to such behaviors.Addictions can include, but are not limited to, drug abuse, sexual addiction, computer addiction, and gambling. say no to addiction stands for neglecting the addictions and accepting the good lifestyle or aadhyatmm lifestyle for happy and peaceful life. say no to addiction post will clarify your whole doubts regarding addictions like why we should neglect the addictions?,how to neglect the addictions?, why peolple take addictions?, who is responsible for this inflation in addiction? whole answer will shock you today so don’t scroll your cursor anywhere.

various types of addictions


People take addictions for their mood changing as given above in definition of addiction,for removing sleeplessness,for destroying the body pain as pain killers,for tension and stress removing,for abortions, for increasing the efficiency of body like doping by sports persons,etc.people opt addiction for their psychological rests and for removing the addiction of regular taking of addictions. addiction is directly proportional to the addiction. more will be the addictions in your life more you”l face the problem of addiction in your life.


Addiction is huge disease that people like to accept as passion,personality,entertainment,fashion,profession. people know about the various effects of addictions but even then they like to accept the addictions. for example every ciggerate packet and gutkaha packets contains the notice that this addiction is dangerous for health and can cause cancer but even then they like to spend huge money on various addictions.

addictions variants

do you know that every year government earn 13 of tax from various addictions industries. keyshone says that addiction destroy the physical appearance,structure,functioning,relations of individual. every day newspaper is filled with crime news of domestic violence,murders,killing and rapes etc. all this crimes are indirectly related to the increase of addictions in the life of individual.even the small crimes like snatching, robbery, and kidnapping is also supported by the youngsters for their addictions fulfillment. addiction is the major issue for the whole society and country. addictions day by day devouring the  health and provinces of individual of world.


Addiction is the diseases or we can say unbreakable plate of life. addiction can be neglected by your strong will power and precautions.Individual those who are addicted should attend the national seminars on addiction free world. addicted individual should do exercise and accept the yoga therapy of patanjali days medicines are also available in the markets. goverment of india,u.s.a are providing free medicines for neglecting the drugs and various addictions in India ”nasha chudao abhiyan” is going on in which indian goverment encouraging the youths to neglect addictions. remember stress and tensions permanent solutions are not drugs.according to aadhyatmm hindu culture, buddhism and jainism with sikhism against the addictions in life. event the quran sarif of muslims said that ”addiction is way to hell”.


Addiction is not the habit but it becomes the regular duty of intake for the individuals. we are responsible for the addiction inflation in the world. so change your company,knowledge data, books,relations who is impinging you take addictions. wake up! people wake  up!. meet you soon happy aadhyatmm.