History of JAINISM-Most Oldest Religion

(Last Updated On: July 2, 2017)

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Jainism is the most oldest religion of world. Jainism  are the peace and strong celibacy promoter religion in the world. Jainism is the religion which is the mother of buddhism (given in some scriptures). Jainism are small in strength but   more effective and peace generating religion.


 Aadhyatmm is going to teach you all subjects of Jainism. so are you ready  Jainism pronounced and known as Jaina dharma, is an Indian religion that prescribes a path of non-violence towards all living beings and enhance spiritual independence and equality between all forms of life.followers believe that non-violence and self-control are the means by which they can obtain freedom  from the cycle of reincarnations(punarjanam).aadhyatmm appreciate the rules and teachings of Jainism. nowadays  Jainism is separated into two major sections i.e ”digambra’ and ”swetambra”. Jainism is connected with ”indus valley civilization”. Jainism has twenty four leaders or propagators in which ”adinath’,was the first and ”mahavira”,was the last. The religion has been in decline since the 8th century CE due to the growth of hinduism and oppression by muslim  invaders. Jainism have low strength i.e in notable immigrant communities in Belgium,Canada,Japan, Hong kong,Singapore, and the united states .Jains have the highest degree of literacy for a religious community in India and their manuscript libraries are the oldest in the country.


Jainism is one of the oldest religion so that’s why it has long and deep past. let we will give in the short description. Jainism is a representative of the ”Sramanas” tradition, which was a non-Vedic movement parallel to the historical Vedic religion.

Each of these streams of ancient Indian religion influenced the other. The shramana tradition was responsible for the related concepts of ”samsara” (cycle of birth and death) and ‘moksha” (freedom from incarnation).There is also reference to Rishabha, the first jaina tirthankara, in Vedic literature. Mahavira was the last propagator of Jainism. In history, some kings like Chandragupta (Mauryan dynasty),Ashoka(, Maghad Empire), and some Chinese traveler appreciate the Jainism and became the follower like  Hiuen tsang, a Chinese traveler, (629–645 CE).


 Jainism were the preachers and followers of following life rules:

  • NONVIOLENCE: The Jain understanding and implementation of ahimsa is more radical, scrupulous, and comprehensive than in other religions
  • SELF CONTROL: Jainism develops spiritual development through cultivation of personal wisdom and through reliance on self-control through vows.
  • SOUL KARMA: souls are intrinsically pure and possess the qualities of infinite knowledge, infinite perception, infinite bliss and infinite energy

Jainism were the first and beautiful arts and crafts creators in world. currently there are some domes, forts, houses, which was occupied by  ancient kings and rulers of India and abroad have well designed and crafted walls of buildings.some art and crafts tells the history of Jainism.