Summer Heat Protection Tips and Solutions

(Last Updated On: July 2, 2017)

Summer heat is going worse day by day. Every day there is one-degree increment in the temperature of the atmosphere. Summer heat protection tips and ideas are necessary to cope ourselves from summer problems. 

According to meteorology department, there is more increase in temperature in coming days.

Meteorology department also added after this monsoon will come earlier. People and society both are concern about the intense climatic change in atmosphere. Global warming and its dangerous symptoms are recent disastrous earthquakes, tsunamis, melting of glaciers, landslide, and floods. This is the global warming effects on earth atmosphere.

This is the global warming effects on earth atmosphere.

When I walk out from my house in afternoon during 12: PM to 3: PM I feel burning sensation on my skin due to summer heat waves. I collected some information and advice from experts in dermatology, skin specialist, nutritionist, and doctors. Summer  protection tips and ideas are advice and information provided by the

I collected some information and advice from experts in dermatology, skin specialist, nutritionist, and doctors. Summer protection tips and ideas are advice and information provided by the health  specialists.

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How to Protect Ourselves from Summer Heat Problems?

Summer problems are heat cramps, heat exhaustion, heat stroke, sun burns, and various skin related problems. Heat problems are curable if necessary steps taken on time. First aid for summer problems is elaborated here.

summer heat problems prevention tips
summer heat problems

Summer Heat Cramps

Heat cramp is feeling of cramps in abdomen, calf and thigh muscles. Sudden cramps and pain in muscles are symptoms of heat cramps.
Reason: When there is intense physical exertion and electrolyte imbalance in body.
Prevention tips: Drink lots of fluid or water and eat more fluid concentrated fruits and vegetables like onions, cucumbers, watermelons.

Summer Heat Exhaustion

Heat exhaustion contains symptoms of weak feeling, rapid low blood pressure, headache and nausea etc.
Reason: Due to excessive water loss from inside the body due to heat exposure.
Prevention tips: person should be immediately moved to a cooler area.

heat stroke summer heat protection tips and ideas
heat stroke prevention tips

Summer Heat Stroke

Heat stroke show signs of hot, red and with no sweating skin, strong and fast pulses, headaches etc.
Reason: Occurs when body no longer able to regulate its temperature.
Prevention tips: hospitalization of effected person without delay.

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Summer Heat Sun Burns

Sun burns are common in women during summer season. Symptoms like reddish skin, reddish face and dryness.
Reason: fluid loss in cells of skin.
Prevention tips: use sun screen lotions, Rub cucumber and potatoes twice on skin, drink lots of water or fluids.

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What is the role of technology in summer heat protection?

Role of technology is vast in this modern science century. Technology is developing day by day in modern world to eradicate the feeling of summer heat. For example air condition automobiles, cooling systems in buildings and aircraft.

There are some paints which protect the building from UV rays as they reflect the UV Rays which makes room hotter. Greenhouse effect are using in plants and animals conservation.

More engineers are working in scraping the new technology for overcoming the future summer  problems. Automobiles get hotter in peak summer time. Engineers develop a specific paint for automobiles which reflect the UV Rays and automobile stay cooler.Buildings are using cooling system which includes exhaust fans, air-condition cooling with more electricity savings.

Aircraft use cooling system which takes the upstream free stream through pipes around engines and cabin for cooling of engines and cabin.

Household summer Heat Prevention Tips and Ideas

Mostly in summer your terrace get warmer due to intense heat from UV rays. You can use this tips and ideas to stay cooler in your house even in peak summer time.

  1. Paint the terrace and building four walls with lime soda paint(white paint). You can also use advance paint available in market.
  2. Make small garden on terrace with small green plants like Tulsi, Shammi, etc. Plant flowers in pots on terrace. Make your terrace eye catching and environment friendly.
  3. Use flower and small green plants in your balcony. You can also use climbers plants like money plants etc.
  4. Use proper ventilation in your kitchen, rooms and washrooms. Chimney is much better in kitchen.
  5. You can also use old ideas like mud covering on walls of buildings which will make your house cooler. There are some houses in modern cities using these older ideas for house cooling. In older times huts and building were built by mud.
  6. Keep your water storage system update because in summer there is shortage of water and even water supply cut. So store water and save water.
  7. Water harvesting system in houses is much better for water saving in summers.
summer heat prevention tips -peepal tree
Peepal tree- provides 24 hours oxygen in surrounding.

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Industrial Summer Heat Prevention Tips and Ideas

Industries are more prone to peak summer  damages. Industries consist of heavy machinery, thermal plants, burners, manufacturing raw materials and waste materials. Industries are more crowded by laborers, turner, foreman’s etc. Industries should use this industrial  heat prevention tips and ideas for overcoming 

Industries should use this industrial heat prevention tips and ideas for overcoming summer  damages.

  1. Industries are mostly in sheds which is covered with either cement or steel sheds. This material creates heat in entire industry. Machines and burners also create heat. Industries should use proper ventilation and cooling system.
  2. Exhaust fans on top of sheds in industry throw out internal heat.
  3. Painting walls and sheds with lime soda paint (white paint).
  4. Table fans and coolers must be used instead of ceiling fans.
  5. Windows and doors should be wide.
  6. Workers and labors should wear cotton attires.
  7. Workers should wear safety gears during working with machinery and burners.
  8. Proper water storage should be available for workers and machines.
  9. Plant trees like Peepal, Neem and Babool outside or nearby industry sheds because it absorbs more harmful gases and heats waves coming from industries and surrounding.
    Peepal Tree is the only tree which provides 24 hours oxygen in surrounding.
  10. In summer  there is more chances of short circuits and fire hazards so install safety instruments fire extinguishers, sand and water.
  11. Proper checking of wires and industry circuits needed. Voltage stabilizers and UPS save power and machines.


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Summer Heat  Prevention Tips and Ideas for Society

chabeel-summer heat problems prevention tips
Chabeel – social service of serving sweet water to people by Sikhs

There should be government department and non-government groups. NGO’s provide time to time service to people in scorching heat like serving cold water to street going people like Sikhs in India do known as “Chabeel” sweet water service.

NGO groups should provide water in areas and societies where there is shortage of water.

People should be guided by NGO for saving water and summer  problems.Planting more trees on roadside, gardens, parks and outside neighbor buildings and own houses.Serving water and cereals to birds in summer much more satisfactory job.Enhancing more engineering works for saving water and fuel . Conserve earth and atmosphere .