Meri Maggi Noodle Bio and Ban in India

(Last Updated On: February 26, 2016)

Meri Maggi noodle is first ready to mix proprietary food for millions of humans in world. Maggi noodle is instant making 2 minute noodle. Maggi noodle consumes by millions of people in various regions of world. Whenever we feel hunger we like to have instant food i.e. Meri Maggi noodles. Maggi which is so popular and delicious proprietary food in world is name of inventor. How maggi noodle founded? Who was the founder of maggi noodle? Why it’s named as maggi noodle? All the information I am going to share with you.

meri maggi noodle bio


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Meri Maggi Noodle Bio and Story of Making

Maggi is actually a name title given to noodle for patent invention. This noodle was founded by Julius Michael Johannes Maggi. Julius Michael Maggi started a chain of food products in Switzerland in 1860’s. Maggi was the youngest of five children of an Italian immigrant, was born at Frauenfeld in 1846 and took his father hammer mill in 1869.His father business was in crisis and he was looking for new avenues of business. So he joined hands with physician Fridolin Schuler, who had a concept for improving the nutritional content of meals for the working and labor classes by inventing packaged foods from milled pulses or legumes.

After two years of experimentation, the two business men introduced the first industrially produced flour from legumes to the Swiss market in 1884.When product failed to fly high, Maggi went back to his platform and created ready to use soups and launched a range of food flavours in 1886, information provided by the Nestle website.

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Swiss government supported maggi efforts to create products that were quick to prepare and eat. This resulted in Maggi success with instant pea and bean soups. Food products giant Nestle acquired Maggi products in 1947 with Maggi successful formula for producing easy to prepare food for working and labored women. Two minute noodle comes in India in 1983. Before his death in 1912,Maggi brand acquired its subsidiaries in Paris, Berlin, Singen, Vienna, Bregenz and London and a representative office in United States.

Meri Maggi Noodle Recipe

Meri Maggi noodle recipe is very simple. According to maggi noodle instruction given on packet that gives 2 minute noodle making procedure. Procedure begins with boiling water 2 to 4 glass 60% of overall noodle. After  some time add maggi noodle in it and boil it. Add the maggi tastemaker in it. Stir it with utensil. You can add tomatoes,pea,another green vegetables. There are lots of maggi noodle recipe. You can do experiment in your kitchen lab and you could be maggi noodle recipe winner.

Meri Maggi Noodle Ban in India

Meri Maggi noodle which is taste-maker of every working women food now ban in many regions of India. Maggi noodle ban India after the news dated 1st of june 2015. Health department of India, Delhi, Kerala, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, and many states of recommending maggi noodle is hazardous for health due to high level of lead content and MSG (mono sodium glutamate). Many supermarket future group, reliance market stopped selling of Maggi in their retail stores. Every state banning maggi noodle for some periods like Delhi imposed 15 days ban on maggi noodle, Punjab ban maggi for one year, Kerala bans maggi for one month and rest in processing. National defense services canteen stop selling maggi to defence personnel. Navy ordered their official to not take maggi and its products at any cost. Maggi noodle market is in crisis. Maggi noodle advertisers stars given notice by session court for ads of maggi products. Like Madhuri Dixit,Amitabh Bachan,Priety Zinta etc.

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Meri Maggi Noodle Owner Nestle Answer on Ban

Nestle answered that they tested the maggi noodle sample individually and they found lead and MSG content in maggi in limit according to food guidelines issued by health ministry. Nestle officials added maggi is safe and healthy to consume.

lead sources and lead effects on body meri maggi

 Maggi Noodle High in Lead and MSG

Meri maggi noodle is high in lead. Lead is very hazardous for health. Lead is silent killer chemical component which effects brain, kidney, skin, heart, teeth. How it effects? When lead is swallowed, it carried to brain, nervous system, kidneys, liver and bones in blood.

Inhaling lead causes tooth decay.

It slows production of vitamin D in skin.

Lead causes kidney failure.

Lead causes infertility and retards baby growth and brain development.

Lead causes coma, convulsions, brain retardation, and behavioral disruption and lowered IQ.

Lead effects heart by Hypertension, Arrhythmia (erratic heart beat)

lead accumulated in bones and weakens them.

Lead slows calcium, potassium and iron absorption, abdominal pain, intestines damages.

Sources of Lead And its Components

Lead found in paint, varnish, ceramic, pipe and plumbing material, solders, unleaded petroleum, batteries, toys, jewellery, cosmetics, ammunition. Children bodies absorb more leads than adults. Lead causes 600000 new cases of brain and learning disorders in children every year.

Ways to Protect Yourself From Leads

Always say “NO” lead based paints. Ask children to wash their hands and faces when they are back from playing outdoors. Run water for 15 to 30 seconds before drinking and cooking to rid it of lead that may have leeched off pipes. Use lead free containers, cookware and tableware for cooking and storing. Eat healthy. Exposure lowers calcium, potassium and iron absorption.

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Top Selling Noodle in India after Maggi

According to business.mapsofindia, after Maggi Yipee noodle from ITC and Top Ramen of Nissin(Japnese Company) is collecting the huge profits in Indian markets. Yipee noodle is on the second and Top Ramen on third position in race of  top selling noodles in India.



Meri Maggi noodle contain high level of lead and MSG. Lots of test in various states of India invokes same chemical test conclusions that maggi noodle is hazardous and contain high level of lead and MSG. But there are other roadside eating, crockeries, painting, cleaning and cooking items which contain lead as mentioned above. So we should all take care about health and food products ingredients before buying. Whenever you go to market to buy another food product just check their ingredients, date of manufacture and date of expiry. Most important see the outer look of packet because lots of packets in rural areas found dirty, torn. So be careful and be healthy.