How do the Satellites Works in Television Shows Broadcasting

(Last Updated On: December 5, 2016)


The satellites is one of the biggest aerospace engineering inventions to mankind. Today we all are connected to each other through the satellite communication.

How do the satellite works in television broadcasting using the dish antennas?

What is a satellite?

How many satellites are in space?

All these answers,you will get in this post.

When I see my favorite shows and dramas on my television, I always wonder how this is possible? This curiosity force me to research on this cool invention. I researched on satellite communication and what I get, I am going to share here.

Well! I don”t want to irritate you more. Let’s come to our business. Satellite is an artificial or natural space probe which rotate around any heavenly bodies like planet in various types of orbits.Example moon is natural satellite of earth while INSAT series satellite are artificial satellite.

Now some questions comes in my mind,like what is artificial satellite?,why satellite is so important for modern technologies? How we get our favorite channels on t.v screens? How satellite are dangerous for future??

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satellite dish antennas broadcasting

All the answer I researched and found. So today I am going to share that knowledge. First of all start with basics on the satellite.

Satellite Definition:

Satellites are artificial or natural space probe which rotate around any planet in space.Satellites are of two types i.e. artificial satellite and natural satellite.

Natural satellite are the moons, earth has one natural satellite-moon  which is rotating around the earth.

Artificial satellites are those satellites which are injected by the launch vehicles in various orbits of planet.Artificial due to design and manufactured by the humans. Artificial satellite has preset decay time, between this duration satellite completes or perform its functions in space.Satellites are basically injected in planet orbits due to various space purposes:-

1.Telecommunication and remote sensing.

2.Navigation and radio communications.

3.High frequency radar communications.

4.Weather forecasting.

5.Television channel broadcasting etc..

Satellites in Orbits:

Satellite injected in the orbits of concerned planets like Earth, Mars, Pluto for researches, navigation and sensing on that planet. Similarly the satellites also help in television shows and dramas broadcasting.

On this post  today I am sharing the principle of dish antennas used in channel broadcasting. Artificial satellite like INSAT launched by ISRO India, used for major channel broadcasting and management. This type of satellite inject in geostationary orbit which rotate around the earth with the same duration of 24 hours.This artificial satellite used the ku band as down link for sending the bandwidth of various channels.

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Dish Antenna Broadcasting Steps:

satellite broadcastingTaking Example of Dish TV Broadcasting

  • INSAT satellite received the signals sent by the head base station of dish T.V company .
  • Satellite T.V companies like Tata Sky,Dish T.V,Videocon DTH,Reliance Big T.V,Airtel Digital T.V etc. receive signal waves with programming data of various channels from channel company base station.
  • INSAT rotating around the earth in geostationary orbit received that c band signals from dish t.v. companies transmitter.
  • After that INSAT satellite send this signal in microwaves to dish antennas mounted on the customer house roof and wall.

Now you will think all the companies use the same procedure then how they make their communication services safe from their competitors. The answer is

  • Every company use the confidential frequency setup of dish antennas feed horn. Feed-horn is the focus point of all the signals received by the concave dish antennas. Feedhorn is also known as low noise block down converter.
  • There is specific face direction of dish antennas used by different companies like tata sky dish antennas turned in 83 degree direction .This direction is setup by the technical staff using the magnetic compass.
  • Now this signals send to respective set up box or receivers.
  • Receiver or set up box which is connected to television via co- axial cables send the signals.
  • Receivers also convert the high range frequency to very low range frequency for television.

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How many satellites are in space:

Currently there are 2271 satellites, according to Goddard space flight center lists.

Artificial satellite, which has preset decay time. After this decay time satellites are replaced by another satellite.This replaced or decayed satellite is destroyed or left as space debris. This space debris will create huge problem for future space researches. But various scientists of ISRO, NASA, Russian space research organizations are working to know more about the space an its future dangers.

So this was the whole satellite communication used for channel broadcasting by various dish companies.

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