2 Ultimate Ways to Open Your Windows in SONY VAIO During Error

(Last Updated On: December 4, 2016)

sony vaio laptop front view


Sony VAIO notebooks are the ultimate range of Sony laptop. The Sony Vaio is the model name of Sony laptop which describe the unique and advanced quality of audio and video. VAIO stands for Visual Audio Intelligent Organizer. The VAIO logo also represents the integration of analog and digital technology with the ‘VA’ representing an analog wave and the ‘IO’ representing a digital binary code. Now sometime Sony Vaio users complaint that there windows screen not open after power on.

Well! This problem sorted out by the Sony VAIO laptop option, i.e. “ASSIST BUTTON”. This assists button present on the right side, with the power on option. In Sony Vaio laptop assist button sort out your lots of system related problems. Let we know how to recover the windows screen.



Available following tips for the Sony VAIO notebook using the Microsoft windows operating system. Recommended windows is windows 8, windows 8 pro. Follow the following steps to open your windows screen-

sony vaio assist button option dispaly

  • Disconnect your all charging point of Sony VAIO laptop.
  • Now turn your laptop back.
  • Open or disconnect  the battery from the laptop.
  • Open the lock by scrolling horizontally.
  • finally remove the battery from laptop.
  • Keep it aside.
  • Now press the POWER ON button for 1 minute.
  • After 1 minute assembled the battery in the laptop.
  • Connect the laptop with the charger and on the charging, if your laptop is not charged.
  • Now press the ASSIST button.
  • See the screen and press the F10 button.
  • After that click on CONTINUE button.
  • Now click on the language of English.
  • Now click on Keyboard language as English language.
  • Click on CONTINUE.
  • Wait for the 10 to 20 minutes . leave the system for some given minutes.
  • When your windows get open then continue your option.

This is how you can recover your window screen. There are some errors in your system which causes the system window screen collapse. Like your battery completely finish, when your laptop falls suddenly, when your system files get malicious viruses etc.

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