7 Awesome Cash ATMS Near Me Mobile Apps in Demonetization of INR

(Last Updated On: December 19, 2016)

7 awesome atms with cash near me mobile apps

Many of you are striving for cash in your hand these days. Isn’t?

On 8th November 2016, all the old 500 and 1000 Indian rupees issued by RBI (Reserve Bank of India) discontinued.

After this order millions of common people has to face problems getting cash in their hands. Lots of ATMs made vacant for putting new currency in it.

Common people have to face lots of problems in these days. There is an environment of cash crunch all around in India

Major problem of every Indian during demonetization is to find an ATM with no cash.

Today I am going to share with you the names of some awesome cash ATMs near me mobile apps. This mobile app helped a lot of people to locate the ATMs with cash.

I have tried one of these cash ATMs near me mobile app i.e Walnut.

There are some more mobile apps which can help you in getting cash in your hands.

Note: There is a limit of cash out from bank ATMs in demonetization.



This is an awesome money management, mobile app. This mobile app helps you in money management like income, expenditure and savings on daily, monthly and annual basis. This app is very friendly in searching ATMs with cash near you. This user friendly app gives you real time data on cash ATMs near your location. You can manage your bills like electricity, mobile phone and credit cards. You can use this app for money transfer also.

walnut money manager app cash atms near me mobile app

2.Cash No Cash

This cash ATMs near me mobile app is developed by Quicker and Nasscom. Cash No Cash mobile app gives you real time data for ATMs with cash near your location. This mobile app also informs you about new currency and demonetization news. You have to add your pin code to search ATMs with cash.

cash no cash by quicker cash atms near me mobile app

3.CMS ATM Finder

The CMS ATM finder portal is developed by CMS Infosystem which manages 55000 ATMs across the country. This mobile app has a limitation of giving real time data of their 55000 ATMs. You cannot get any information out of these 55000 ATMs. The CMS ATM finder tool gives very accurate data of notes available in denominations.

cms atm finder cash atms near me mobile app


4.ATM Search

The ATM search mobile app is a user friendly app which gives you real time data on working ATMs. You need to add your location in the search tool widget. You will get the list of working ATMs with cash in your typed location. You can also add working ATMs details in this mobile app. This mobile app is designed by atmsearch.in


5.Cash Finder

Cash finder mobile app again helps you in locating working ATMs near your location. This mobile app also provides you data on crowd status and new currency denomination. The data which are shown in this app are not 100% accurate because data are updated by the user of this mobile app.

atm cash finder cash atm near me mobile app

6.ATM Hunt

This is one of the popular ATMs with cash finder mobile app in rural areas. This mobile app data are updated by the users. This is helpful in locating the working ATMs near rural areas.

atm hunt cash atm near me mobile app

7.My Cash- ATM Finder

This is another mobile app which has both android app and website. If you don’t have android phone, then you can visit their website for searching ATMs with cash.



These mobile apps will not surely solve your all demonetization issues, but it can reduce the bad effects of demonetization. Our worse issue is cash crunch and these mobile apps will help you to locate ATMs with cash.

According to the Indian ministry of finance, you can use unified payment interface mobile app of different banks like HDFC UPI mobile app. You can use online wallets like SBI buddy, Paytm, Freecharge etc. You can use your mobile phone for e payment. Government of India is going to release Aadhar card linked UPI mobile app.

Government of India is taking more initiatives for encouraging the e -payments and cashless economy.

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