How to Check and Improve Internet Speed on Your Smart Phone

(Last Updated On: September 3, 2017)

How to Check and Improve Internet Speed on Your Smart Phone


How to improve internet speed?  How to check internet speed? This common question asked by millions of subscribers of various telecommunication brands.

Google Baba has millions of query where subscriber needs the ways and ideas to improve internet speed. A recent report of TRAI survey reveals shocking malfunctioning of telecommunication technology in India. In this post titled “HOW TO CHECK AND IMPROVE INTERNET SPEED ON YOUR TECHNOLOGY” will show you back story of internet speed and its management.

Technology covers the smart phones, personal computers, iPod, I Pods etc.

Recently TRAI received lots of complaint regarding the internet speed. Telecom User Group, a consumer right group registered with TRAI vice president said “Telecom companies are not investing in technologies that can offer optimum spectrum utilization. They are only adding more subscribers. So, the quality of service gets compromised,”.   OK!  then how to improve internet speed?

Telecommunication subscriber cry for internet speed and service provider blame bandwidth shortage. The truth lies somewhere in between. How to improve internet speed? Where is the answer? group studied and collected some recent reports and queries of subscribers on Google. The first thing we have to know the back story of the internet and its bandwidth distribution to subscribers.

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The Internet is provided to your technology after passing the long route of telecommunication. The basic strategy behind the telecommunication is subscriber send signals to its nearby tower then nearby tower sends the signal to ground base tower send the signal to a satellite and then satellite sends the signals to another ground base tower. How long is it? But this whole process completed in micro milliseconds for limited subscribers. You can see the following figure which clears your all doubt of back story of the internet and its bandwidth. Bandwidth is the scientific telecommunication term which is used to specify the signals. Good, then how to improve internet speed?


how to check and improve internet speed on your technology


A telecom tower can support about 900 subscribers. But the reports of newspaper reveal that one tower is currently supporting thousands of subscribers. This is due to the collaboration of telecom brands on bandwidth sharing. For example, like Airtel tower supports the subscribers of Vodafone subscribers. Again the telecom brands are not investing in technologies that can offer optimum spectrum utilization.

Text takes little bandwidth, voice and graphics are heavier, and video content the heaviest. On a home WIFI, when users download video, all users experience loss of speed.

If users, start accessing heavy content such as video, just 400-500 subscribers get a connection at an abysmal 64 kbps. This is the condition of 900 subscribers on one tower. You can predict what will be the condition of thousands of users. What will happen if 90% subscribers use video contents?  Oh god, then how to improve internet speed?

What is Broadband?

In India Broadband according to the National Telecom Policy (2012), the download speed of 512 kbps is defined as broadband now.


Time of using best-fit internet speed varies according to the place. A Delhi entrepreneur Ajay Sharma told that his technology i.e. smart phone get 100 kbps speed at 8 am till 8 PM on week days. 10 PM to 8 AM speed is 512 kbps.

So most correct time for using the internet is 10 PM to 8 AM in Delhi NCR region. You can also research on correct time for the internet. The report proves that less will be the users more will be the bandwidth. So users are inversely proportional to the internet speed or bandwidth. This is fine how to improve internet speed?



Checking the internet speed is more important because it delivers the truth of your service provider service. You can check the internet speed on various online websites. One of them is and checking is done now how to find the internet speed?


Now we come on the dilemma of whole internet speed story i.e. How to improve internet speed? Introducing you with the back story of the internet was very crucial that’s why I take your little bit long session. You can improve internet speed by following this guidelines and tips i.e.:

  • Use the internet when you have full access to signals from your service provider.
  • Use the internet in a highly cached browser like Firefox, Chrome, UC browser etc. which will save your time in opening the main web pages like Google, Facebook, Twitter etc. more easily due to its web page management tools.
  • Always use the internet when you think very necessary because if you save the internet then your friend will get a good speed. So you have to sacrifice some time.
  • Use the internet in time schedule of 10 PM to 8 AM. This time is no sacrifice and you can enjoy the net.
  • Always when you see slow speed then delete the cookies and disable the java script from your browsers which increase your page loading time.
  • Always use 3G and 4G internet according to your budget if you need the internet for company sales and customer service.
  • Avoid opening too many tabs in your browser when internet speed is slow.
  • Avoid using the internet while sitting in any car, train, buses.
  • Use only text content instead of video content.
  • Always check the battery of your technology. Sometimes power also affects the internet speed.


The Telecom Ministry plan is to bump the bandwidth to 2 Mbps in 2015 and 100 mbps eventually.

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