9 Sure Shot Methods To Handle Unknown or Mysterious Callers

(Last Updated On: July 2, 2017)

9 sure shot methods to handle unknown or mysterious callers

About a month ago, I received numbers of unknown or mysterious calls from phone numbers more than 10 digits or less than 10 digits. Sometime, I received blank calls from ten digit numbers also. My Watsapp group members were also protesting same matter of calls from unknown callers.  After my online and offline research, I concluded that every day thousands of people get calls from unknown or mysterious numbers. Now I have sure shot solution to this annoying issue. What I did ? How I identified those unknown callers? Where I got the information of mysterious callers? All answers are here.

So, without wasting your time, I want to reveal some techniques and methods to identify unknown callers.

First meet with the type of unknown callers .

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unknown or mysterious callers types

1. Unknown caller with ten digit numbers

These are callers who are not in your contacts list or friends list. These callers talk to you regarding job interviews,surprise,complaint,wishes,information and friendship.

2. Unknown callers with less than ten digit numbers

Less than ten digit callers are system recorded calls,when you pick up this type of calls you get computer recorded voice messages. This system generated callers are voice message carrier regarding event information,interview schedule,awareness and political and corporate promotions.

3. Unknown callers with more than ten digit numbers

More than ten digit calls are from landline numbers with the area code or STD code.These calls are from landline operators.

4. Unknown callers with private numbers

These numbers are assigned by telecommunication carrier to VIP or VVIP personalities. Private numbers are allotted to reputed business owner etc.. There is a rare chance of getting calls from this type of unknown callers.

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Methods to identify the unknown callers

1. Truecaller app with Messenger

You can download this app from Google play and install in your technologies.After that you have to create your profile on truecaller and messenger. Then you can track 65% unknown callers from this app.

2. Watsapp Messenger

Most Popular and easy messenger for text ,image,audio and video messaging with calling facility. You can use this app for identifying the unknown callers. By this app, you can identify 70% of unknown callers.You have to just save the number in your phone memory and then refresh watsapp contacts list. Now you can see the face of unknown callers.

3. Hike Indian Messenger

Hike is another young age messaging platform where you can share images,video,various files and direct messages . This messenger is most amiable due to its stickers .You can track 55% unknown callers from this number.

4. Facebook Messenger and App

With Facebook Messenger,you can track 80% unknown callers . You have to just use Facebook friend search with phone numbers.This app will also disclose other information of unknown callers.

5. Government facilities

Telecommunication companies which are regulated by the government organizations provide you facility to identify the unknown callers. You have to make a complaint to your telecommunication carrier about irritating and malicious unknown callers. The company will ask you some details like caller calling day time etc.. They will provide you DND service or USSD code which you can use to know unknown callers. This facility will give you 75% relief from unknown or mysterious callers.

Methods to block the unknown or mysterious callers

You can block malicious and spam unknown callers by using some apps on your Android phone.
Following are the methods to block unknown callers.

6. Quick Heal Mobile Security App

You can use this app for blocking spam unknown callers. Whenever you get an unknown missed call or any above given type of unknown calling,you can use this simple app for blocking unknown callers.This app is free and working.

7. Android Phone settings

Under the settings of android phone, you can blacklist some spammy and malicious numbers.

8. True Messenger

Truecaller messenger not only introduce you to name and place of unknown or mysterious caller, it also gives you facility to block it.This app is all in one app for handling unknown or mysterious callers.


Use this Unstructured Supplementary Service Data  code to know mysterious callers. Like every region and network provider has own USSD code to deliver information about unknown callers. But you have to first get authority from the network provider.

For Apple IOS user

Apple IOS 9 is available with features to block or identify the unknown callers in any country of world.Apple IOS 9 has feature to display name of expected caller.Maybe will be mention before the name of unknown caller because Apple doesn’t want to compromise the privacy of users.


Unknown callers are major headache now. These methods are helpful for getting relief from calls from unknown callers or mysterious callers. I have been using this method, now I can track and identify the  unknown callers. If in rare cases, you are not satisfied, then you can comment here.


  1. Among all the ways to identify unknown number, Truecaller is the best App but unfortunately Truecaller app not working on Iphone, pla tell me alternative of Truecaller

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