Indian Naval Ship Vikrant STOBAR and STOVL Aircraft Carrier in India

(Last Updated On: December 3, 2016)

INS Vikrant is one of the best aircraft carrier in the world. Indian Naval Ship  Vikrant is a short take off, but arrested recovery and short take off vertical landing aircraft carrier.

Aircraft carrier are the biggest warships with flight deck. In simple words, aircraft carrier are another air force base in sea and oceans. Any STOBAR and STOVL aircraft can land and takeoff from this aircraft carrier.

India has currently STOBAR and STOVL aircraft carrier in the world.

India launched its first own indigenous built aircraft carrier in Kochi, India. Indian former Defence Minister,  A.K Antony on 11th august 2013 inaugurated this first indigenous aircraft carrier.

India became the 4th country in the world to build the own aircraft carrier of this huge size. After U.S.A, Russia, and France. India built this huge aircraft carrier for STOBAR and STOVL aircraft.

Let’s learn more about this biggest aircraft carrier.


1.BUILDER : Cochin Shipyard Limited


3.AIR WING COMPLEMENT: MIG 29K, Tejas Fighters,Helicopters


5.TIME TAKEN: 7 years

ins vikrant india

INS VIKRANT is the aircraft carrier which is first time giving the air wing complement of MIG 29 K, Tejas fighters, Karnov 31, Helicopters.

INS Vikrant involved the 5000 engineers,designers,staffs for manufacturing and design of this STOBAR and STOVL aircraft carrier.

INS VIKRANT  will enter the naval force in 2018 according to the former Defence minister of India and managing director of  Cochin shipyard development.

top view of ins vikrant


INDIA is emerging as the powerful technology giants in the world. India has ingeniously designed aircraft Tejas fighter aircraft and INS Vikrant aircraft carrier. India is one of the world powerful country in the world in the field of space research, information technology and military forces.