9 Amazing Things to Know About BEL India

(Last Updated On: April 8, 2021)

Do you know about BEL India?

Do you know some amazing facts about BEL India?

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#1 Primary Things to Know About BEL India

Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL India) is a public sector aerospace and defense company. BEL India is one of the nine public sector companies that come under the ministry of defense of the Indian government.

During the initial stages, BEL India produced communication equipment, especially for All India Radio.

Later BEL India entered into the manufacturing of PCB, TV picture tubes, X-ray tubes, microwave tubes.

#2 Things to Know About Different Units of BEL India

The government of India decentralized the activities of BEL India and set up new units in different parts of the country and started manufacturing of radars and Tropo communication equipment at the Ghaziabad unit for the Indian Airforce.

Hyderabad unit started manufacturing electronic warfares and space electronics at the Bangalore unit.

#3 Joint Ventures of BEL India

An interesting thing to know about BEL India is that they had started joint ventures with some foreign companies. BEL Thales Limited and GE-BE Pvt Limited are two joint ventures of BEL India.

BEL Thales Limited is located in BEL Industrial Estate, Jalahalli, Bengaluru. Thales Group is a French aerospace and defense company. They are producing electrical systems for aerospace, defense, transportation, and security markets. It is also partially owned by the government of France.

The air traffic management system, Fly-By=Wire systems, Cockpit systems, Navigation computers, satellite communication devices, and inflight entertainment systems are some of the aerospace products by Thales Group. The BEL Thales limited is formed for focusing on civilian and defense radar.

GE-BE private limited is a joint venture between BEL India and American multinational aerospace and defense company General Electric Company.

The General Electric company has operations in aviation, healthcare, power, renewable energy, digital industry, and additive manufacturing. The GE-BE private limited is focusing on high voltage tanks and detector modules.

#4 Things to Know About the Subsidiaries of BEL India

BEL optronic devices limited is one subsidiary of BEL India. It is founded on the research and development of image intensifiers. It is headquartered in Pune. Image intensifiers are the devices used to increase the intensity of available light in an optical system. These devices are used for military and security activities.

#5 Things to Know about Avionics Products of BEL India

The Ground control station and datalink for UAV, Cockpit modules for light combat aircraft (LCA), Flight control system for light combat aircraft(LCA), are the categories of avionics products manufactured by BEL India.

The avionics products like Engine fuel indicator, Air data computer, Digital flight control computers, head-up display used in Indian civil and military aircraft are built by BEL India.

#6 Things to Know About Electronic Warfare Systems of BEL India

Hyderabad unit of BEL India is focusing on electronic warfare systems. Radar Electronic Support Measures (ESM) systems, Electronics, and Communication intelligence devices like ELINT, CMINT, SIGINT, Integrated electronic warfare systems, and network Jammers are the major electronic warfare developed by BEL India.

#7 Samyuktha Electronic Warfare System of BEL India

A fascinating thing to know about BEL India is it has developed India’s largest electronic warfare system Samyuktha with DRDO, Electronic Corporation of India Limited, and
Corps of Signals of Indian Army. It is a mobile integrated electronic warfare system.

The Samyuktha system has the capability for analysis, interception, surveillance, direction finding, position fixing, listing, prioritizing, and jamming of communication devices and radars.

#8 Exciting Things to Know About the Development of the Akash Missile by BEL India

Akash is a medium-range surface-to-air missile. It is developed by DRDO and manufactured by Bharath Dynamics Limited, Tata Power Strategic Engineering Division, and Larsen & Toubro. BEL India is taking part in the production of radar control centers and launch systems.

India successfully test-fired the Akash missile on 24th May 2012. The airforce version of the Akash Missile and Army version of the missile was inducted to respective forces. In 2016 DRDO announced that they are looking forwarded to double the Akash Missile production.

#9 Weapon Systems Built by BEL India

Another important thing to know about BEL India is its Weapon systems. The weapon system including different types of radars, L-70 Guns, and advanced air defense systems.
The troop level radars, flight level rada, and central acquisition radar are some of the important radar systems built by BEL India. The upgrades L-70 Guns included an Integrated fire control system with Optronic Sight.