Indian Enemy Destroyer Intermediate Range Ballistic Agni Missile

(Last Updated On: December 3, 2016)

India is going on the high peaks of defense technologies. Every country has its own defense research organizations.

India has one of the growing giant research organizations in the world. DRDO stands for the defense research and development organization which is known for development of new defense technologies in India.

DRDO on the 20th January 2014 successfully tested the surface to surface missile AGNI-4 on the island of Orrisa, now known as Abdul Kalam Island .

DRDO successfully released the missile on the rail mobile launcher.

Know more about the technical specifications, performance of  AGNI -4.

agni-4 ballistic surface to surface missile


Being an aeronautical engineer, I can give you the technical specifications of AGNI-4. AGNI-4 is an important surface to surface missiles specifications are followed

  • Weight : 17,000 kg
  • Length : 20 m
  • Warhead : Strategic nuclear (~15 kt to ~250 kt), conventional
  • Engine :Two stage solid propellant engine
  • Operational range : 4000 km
  • Flight altitude: 900 km
  • Guidance System: Ring Laser Gyro – INS (Inertial navigation system), optionally augmented by GPS terminal guidance with possible radar scene correlation.
  • Launch Platform: 8 x 8 TELAR (Transporter launcher erector) Rail Mobile Launcher





AGNI-4 is the series of Agni name missiles. Agni is the name of the Hindu god of fire. Agni is the missile variant designed by DRDO.

Agni Missiles are long range, nuclear weapons capable surface to surface ballistic missile. Agni-IV is the fourth in the Agni series of missiles, which was earlier known as Agni II prime.

Efforts are being made to fine-tune the Agni missiles. Radar and other signatures of Agni-IV have been significantly reduced to make them much more immune to counter measures.

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