Most Cheapest and Clean Mumbai Mono Rail by MMRDA

(Last Updated On: December 3, 2016)

mumbai mono rail above the ground

MMRDA stands for Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority. MMRDA developing the Mumbai monorail projects in Mumbai.

Government of Maharashtra passed this monorail project in 2008. Mumbai Monorail is known as more cheapest and clean mode of transport in busiest area of Mumbai.


Mumbai, which is known as the industrial capital of India. Mumbai, which is also called as the dream city. Mumbai, which is the hub of the Bollywood industry, Reliance empire, Tata empire, etc..

Mumbai, which is the zone of most rich people of India. Mumbai monorail is a lifeline for the common people who ought to pay extra fares in public transport buses, Railways, etc.. Mumbai monorail is a cheaper rail service in India.

According to the survey Mumbai monorail has cheapest fare. Mumbai monorail built by the most renounced civil company Larsen & Toubro with SCOMI Engg,Company of Malaysia.


According to the news about Zee news. This monorail is equipped with air conditioned coaches with 8 seats in each coach. Each coach has the capacity of 70 passengers up- down in one way travel. This Monorail has the travelling speed of maximum 80 kilometers per hour. This monorail uses the one line track as shown in the image above. Rest of the specifications of this monorail you can get below:-

Owner : Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority

Locale : Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Transit type: Straddle-beam monorail

Number of line: 1

Number of station: 18

Daily ridership : 125,000 (estimate)

Headquarters: Mumbai


Began operation: 2 February 2014

Number of vehicles: 6

Train length: 4 coaches

Headway: 15 minutes


System length : 19.54 km

Electrification : 750 V DC

Average speed : 32 km/h (20 mph)

Top speed: 80 km/h (50 mph)

According to the Hindustan Times news this mono rails cheaper. The rates of fare from one destination to another destination on 5 (five rupees) to 11 (eleven rupees). This monorail are producing the noise of 65-85 decibels which is very low as compared to other public transport.