How to Do Meditation and Their Benefits for Beginners

(Last Updated On: June 26, 2016)

how meditation heals pains

Meditation is now familiar word in the world. After lots of studies and researches on meditation, scientists and health specialist recommend meditation for healing pains, stress, depression and memory losses. Meditation not only give inner peace, it also connects the mind cables to universe powers. From Hindu Mythology, ancient saints and monk talks to each other sitting million of miles away with meditation. Ancient Rishi Munis and Sadhus heal the chronic diseases by the powers they get from meditation. There are several incidents in the world where people get treated for chronic diseases, depressions and fatigues with the help of meditation.Meditation is recommended by leaders of sports,business and commerce. Einstein also experienced the powers of meditation, some people say, after long day’s meditation, he able to discover the energy equation and the theory of motions. 

There are lots of benefits of doing meditation. Know how to do meditation here.

How to Do Meditation:

Doing meditation include closing eyes with leaving all responsibilities, problems and tensions for some duration.

Step 1 :

  1. Close your eyes and sit on floor, bed sheet, chair, mat, seat. You may sit like straight on chair but sitting on mat with folded legs as shown below in image is more recommended.
  2. Sit similarly as shown in figure below. leave your body loose.
  3. Concentrate on one thing (like bright light ball, holy sign, religious thought etc. which makes you peaceful)

Stress Relief Tips


Listening music can give you more relaxation. Both physically and I suggest you all to listen music which you like most . Classical music are more recommended because it consist of lots musical instrument song. Flute music very beneficial for mind relaxation. Avoid rock, and pop and high volume music.


Sharing the problem with the friends also destroy your stress and sometime it give you extra talent and qualities to fight with your problems. Friend may be your father, mother, sister, brother, best friend, true love person(not girlfriend or boyfriend :p),wife, husband. This group of people may give you confidence, guidance, emotional care and some time solution to fight with your problem.

My mother says
“More You Distribute Your Problems to Your Trusted People. More Your Problem will Sort Out”.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Again I want to say never try to do suicide, quit, breaking relations. Always face your problem and stress. When you are ready to fight you will always get support from your ecosystem. Thanks 🙂