Veggies VS Non Veggies

(Last Updated On: November 19, 2016)


Veggies vs Non Veggies is not a fight or a match between individual who eat non vegetarian foods and individual who eats vegetarian foods.  

Now this time we are going to introduce with three types of inhabitant i.e. Carnivorous, herbivorous and some are omnivorous, who eats both meats and vegetables.

We will discuss about vegetarian and non vegetarian food effects and benefits.

veg vs non veg

Vegetarian Foods Eater  :

So, vegetarian foods consist of all those food items which are directly and indirectly obtained from plants, herbs, crops, etc.. Vegetarian food items are container of fibers, vitamins, zinc b12, proteins and minerals. Vegetarian foods include dairy products which are the major store of proteins and vitamins. Vegetarian foods include the herbs also.

energy pyramid

Benefits of Eating Vegetarian Foods :


  1. Vegetarian foods are easily available and cheap.
  2. Vegetarian foods provide more energy, according to the energy distribution law of the food chain.
  3. Vegetarian live long and healthy, according to world health organization.
  4. Vegetarians were more strong and intelligent if we take the book of history and ancient scriptures.
  5. Vegetarians have less danger of heart diseases. Vegetarians are more preferable.

If we open and read the scriptures of Indian Hindu culture then we find that Hanuman, Lord Krishna, Legend Prince Ram, Bheem, Shivaji, and many more proves that vegetarians are more executive, leader, and ministers.

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Non Vegetarian Food Eater :

Non vegetarian foods include the meats, pork, fish, blue cow, deer, etc. Non vegetarian foods are dead parts and dead products of animals, birds, amphibians, mammals etc. Non vegetarian foods include high fats, cholesterol and high carbohydrates, huge amount of proteins.

Non vegetarian foods are lack of vitamins, minerals, fibers, and zinc B12.

Disadvantages and Health Losses of Eating Non Vegetarian Foods

  1. Non vegetarian foods consist of lots of high fats and cholesterol, which causes blockages in heart auricles.
  2. Non vegetarian foods are the major reason of high blood pressures.
  3. Non vegetarian foods are uneasy to digest which decreases the pancreas juice, which is required for food digestion and non vegetarian foods needs more juice according to the research of the human health society.
  4. Non vegetarian foods are disease vector and carrier of various dangerous viruses.
  5. Non vegetarian foods affect the emotions and thinking of individuals for e.g. They get anger, frustration quickly as animals.They are more fearful and scared person.

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The whole lifestyle of the world concluded that more people are moving towards the non vegetarian foods and with this more complaints of heart diseases, Fights, Violence and Tensions. So it’s up to you what do you decide?  Stay healthy and preserve the earth.



  1. Swami vivekanand and mahatma buddha were very much known to their internal divine soul.they were known as “brahm giyani”. So there activities and habits were all pure .

  2. Lord Budha ate sukarmaddaw.Vivekanand was forced to live on nonveg.In the years of yore one could not think of a Brahmin who did. not eat bullock.

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