Black Magic Types and Their Solutions From Indian Hindu Ancient Scriptures

(Last Updated On: July 2, 2017)

Black magic is the worse part of getting something for false means.  Keyshone is going to introduce and meet you to the concept of black magic. The various methods of doing this and how can we prevent ourselves from this?

We all are familiar with the rumors of doing this?

Example sudden abnormal behavior of your neighbor, friend, son, daughter etc. When you are suffering from diseases.  which is not going cured even we are eating medicines.

when higher promotion of your rival/friend without doing any hard work and achievement etc………….keyshone is going to introduce how it actually happens.  what are the sources of this to be done? well, there are categories of supernatural powers i.e white magic and another is black.

Black Magic Definition:

Black magic is the use of supernatural power for selfish and evil motives.This is applied to the human being, animals, vehicles and even on plants also.This is not an easily curable method it has a long effect on the individual. This is of various type

Black Magic Types:

By spelling the name: Black magic which is applied to the named person or by calling the name of this method of black magician the black magician/ evil person called the name of that person with his/her father and mother name, place where he/she living, house number, and the dress he/she wore at that time. This is rarely done and because it needs lots of experience and power.

Black Magic by Stealing The Age:

Black magic which is applied for decreasing the age of evil person/black magician by stealing the age of any this happens? this happens for decreasing the age and increasing the life of that evil person. 

Because everyone wants to live more and longer.the evil person who wants to increase life he/she store the nails, hair, clothes and any regular usable item of that person. The evil person uses this in his/her black worshiping for gain his/her innocence age.

Black Magic by Dead Bodies:

Which is applied to the dead bodies to awake them and to use this dead body for selfish motives and magicians go to any graveyard and dead dumping place to awake the one dead body to complete his/her one selfish purpose

Black Magic by Curse: Which is applied to the individual for his/her little mistake, disgrace, making a shame of any person.In this black magician punished the cursed individual for his/her mistake.

By using this by making sufferer of serious diseases, snatching his/her achievements and profession, big losses, domestic violence etc. So keyshone suggest you to not make any one ashamed and disgraceful especially with any saint and abnormal person.

Black Magic by Hypnotism:

Black magic which is applied by the person to hypnotize the front standing and talking person to his/her power of eye attraction and drowsing capability.this type of hypnotism done for promotions, approval, and even for dates also.

Well! this all are the types and procedure of doing. keyshone has every knowledge about the life-related problems and even keyshone knows the solution also. again keyshone wants to memorize you that keyshone is not individual its the knowledge and information of ancient scriptures and books.

We are now introduced to black magic but now this is the time of knowing who is the person and individual who do this all thing? keyshone consider that the person who wants quick success in his/her work, profession, relation, different disputes, violence etc.

They adopt this method by reading some ancient black magic based books, doing fasts and completing a various session of worshiping in various drastic conditions for impressing one black magic related god of his/her religion.Some people visit the graveyards, and dead bodies place to complete their procedure of worshiping.

Some people visit the graveyards, and dead bodies place to complete their procedure of worshiping.

This category of people do lots of illegal things like murders of one innocence life on every decided date and time for impressing their God who gives powers for this.

Black Magic Solutions:

This category of black magic do lots of hard work and fasts for their selfish motives but this all magics are for short Hindu religion book ‘‘Shiv Mahapurana .

God Shiva says to the goddess Parvati that individual who does this practices for their selfish motives punished hardly after death and they got the another worse house of dead lives.

And they millions of year stay there for their magic. Black magicians are short power holders.they enjoy that powers but their end is also very worse and awful.

Keyshone gives you suggestion that whenever you found any above giving traits in your wards, relatives and close friend and a sign of black magic consult the specialist nearby who have long time experience.

Keyshonegivese you one ancient scripture tip to eradicate the magic from your relatives etc.

  1. Fill  one vessel of copper with water which is mixture of ”Gangajal”(Indian holy river water) and put it under the bed and side of that person where he/she sleeping on full moon day of month and next morning put this water mixed with Gangajal in the root of Peepal tree(Indian holy tree).

Scientific View:

Keyshone is very concern with the all happenings near by us with some scientific reason similarly This has also scientific view the worshiping done by the evil people . some of them based upon the scientific tip and ideas.

They set a black magic setup for making fool of watching person and they use some scientific idea to prove his/her  magic.for example hypnotizing the person for showing his/her required views and scenes.

But this is psychological practices. but their are some magic which really exist and even scientist are in processing for searching the reason of black magic.

But keyshone suggest you to not to take worry.every big problem has a solution inside but we need to search it.