self improvement ideas,development plans,cartoon,images

(Last Updated On: March 10, 2015)

self improvement ideas,development plans,cartoon,images

Sources of self improvement-sources which are necessary for the self improvement.these are the sources which is present in ourselves but we need to discover it you know what are those sources?Keyshone is going to tell you but have some patience…..


what is self improvement? Self improvement is the promotion of personal intellectual and physical qualities .self improvement is very important for success in life. I know that you are getting bored. So times up now keyshone is introducing with that sources..

self improvement


1.OPTIMISTIC PROMISEdear readers of keyshone, self  improvement plans include optimistic promise is the positive promises which we build with ourselves for new motivation and to do this? For e.g. If you preparing for any competition and exam you make one optimistic promise to yourself every morning that today you will do work hard or do more efforts than yesterday.without completing this you will not take your supper,play with your friends,talk to your friend either girl or boy..,:) i m kidding don’t mind it. So this type of optimistic promise make you more determinant and challenging.individual who do optimistic promises with him/her self improve themselves.

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2.STRONG DETERMINATION:-strong determinant refers to fixing yourself strongly to your dreams and desires.for e.g. If you want to achieve victory in your game you have to trained yourself until you get the victory.this strong determination make you motivated and strong for your desires.person those have strong determination are more successful in their life.

3.BRAVERY:Individual who is brave never defeated by anyone. who scare from world world always scare him/ be brave and fight for your rights and commitments.brave individual always dominates the world.

4.KNOWLEDGE:- knowledge is the weapon of education.if you don’t have knowledge you would not be able to analyse and taste the world have to gain knowledge in every field from your institutions,circle,religion and culture.knowledge make you ready for various challenges of gain positive knowledge.
5.TRUST:- dear readers trust is the only factor that bounds you to the factor of love and success.if you want to gain anything in your life you have to trust that individual who is providing you that play major role in anyone after analyzing the above trust that person who is giving you all thing.,…means