Some Most Asked Religious Human Being Questions Answers From Hindu Scriptures

(Last Updated On: July 2, 2017)

Here you’ll get some answers of doing different activities related to God Worshiping. Keyshone gives you the answers with scientific reasons and proofs. Keyshone is just not a knowledge based blog.

Keyshone is interesting and real knowledge website. Don’t follow the numbers follow and read the questions this all questions -answers are collected from different holy and divine ancient scriptures. So get your life answers here 😀 🙂

So get your life answers here 😀 🙂


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1.WHY we always forget the god or god worshiping?
We always forget those things which are not important for has very much responsible for all these changes of forgotten gods.we love to spend time in discos, parties, and bars but not in temples, Gurudwaras, church and mosque.we love to meet our false friends but not our true friend’s god. Indulging ourselves more in materialistic things forgotten the God.


2.Who is a God?
Answer: -God is nothing it’s our imagination because we didn’t see the God but we had just heard and read about them from various ancient scriptures and from telling of our grandparents. God has no shape and size but we configure them by our imagination. But some people said that they had met and talked to God they may be true but it’s still mystery like of supernatural powers.

God has no shape and size but we configure them by our imagination. But some people said that they had met and talked to God they may be true but it’s still mystery like of supernatural powers.


3.How God originated in the universe?
Answer; It’s a big mystery how God-oriented in the universe. Keyshone suggests you that it’s not important that how God-oriented in the universe it’s important that how much we had earned devotional touch-up with God.

So if you want to get a devotional touch up with God then visit regularly and different blog.

4.Why people die in road accidents and murdered by their rivals?
Answer; –We all know people don’t follow the traffic rules and show their stunts on road that’s why they met with serious accidents but this is partial reason of death in road accidental says that according to ancient Hindu scripture of ”GARUDPURANA” every individual who throw their parents out of their house,who disrespect and kill their parents for money issues and love marriages,who disrespect and kill the Brahman pandit(Hindu priest) for their profit always punished by God for unexpected death by accidents and murdered by rivals.

It’s still a mystery to prove but you can believe it by reading Hindu ancient scriptures ”GARUDPURANA”where every punishment is written by rishi munis for humans on earth.

5.How can we save ourselves from road accidents and chronic diseases?
Answer; -We should follow safety traffic rules and healthy eating habit for avoiding this accident. But Keyshone suggests you chant and speak ‘Mahamrityunjay Mantra” worshiping of Lord Shiva which saves us from accidents and serious the article of ”Mahamritunjay Mantra”.(speaking the names of Lord Shiva).

The power of Sanskrit words creates protecting shield around us which saves us from of all fatal accidents.


6.What are the benefits of touching feet of grandparents and elders?
Answer: –Firstly when touching the feet of grandparents we bowed down which shows respect of being very senior from them. Secondly, when we bowed down its gives quick reflexes to our brain and develop the memory power.thirdly when we touch the feet of elders their eyes send positive vibrations to forehead which develop our memory power.


7.What is the routine of ideal and great personality?
Answer:Great personality always wake up early in the morning
He/she prays to God for wonderful day
He/she left the bed with touching ground with hands
He/she touch the feet of his /her parents and grandparents and get the blessings from them.
He /she complete his/her all body purification processes and get fresh.
He/she do exercise regularly.
He/she get bathing regularly in early mornings.
He/she then worship God for success and prosperity.
He/she take his meal on time with his/her all family members.
He/she always helps the needy persons and weak persons.
He/she do his work with his /her full concentration and honesty.
He/she always speaks truth and loyal to his company and organizations
When he/she go to bed he/she always memorize his all dis qualities and prays to God not to be repeated again.

8.Why should we touch the feet of our parents and grandparents in the morning?
Answer;- It’s said in the Hindu Vedas and scriptures ”the persons who touch the feet early in the morning his/her age, success, fame, and power increase day by day” if we want to increase this all things then we should touch the feet of our parents e.g lord ram applied it, Lord Ganesha applied it, great warrior Napoleon applied then why are you waiting for………….:)

9.Why we worship and love the god idols(statues)?
Answer; –We had read and heard about the God and its power from our elders and ancient holy scriptures .that was a big problem for ancient rishi munis so he convert their imaginations into divine statues of God. where the devotees can concentrate and feel that they are standing in front of God and sharing their problems. That creates a psychological scene in front of us and we worship the God for peace of mind.

Where the devotees can concentrate and feel that they are standing in front of God and sharing their problems. That creates a psychological scene in front of us and we worship the God for peace of mind.

10.How can we really worship the God without going temples and doing sacred chants?
Answer; -In Bhagwad Gita Lord Krishna said I m still present in everything of world and air.My devotees have to feel it.So our Rishi-munis prescribed us to do meditation. We are the God because God is residing in ourselves.

He knows everything we are doing good or bad on the basis of that we punished in heavens and hell. Keyshone prescribed you to do meditation with chanting one name of God in lips.

Helping the poor and weak peoples in the road and our ways satisfy God on us.

This is the real way exploring ourselves with meditation is a good way of worship.

11.Why should we follow and respect the rituals of our religion?
Answer: – We all know that we born on this earth with one name and religion which is provided us by our father customs.god take different incarnation for giving different customs and culture to any community for e.g Ram, Krishna for Hinduism; Guru  Nanak for Sikhism, prophet Mohammad for Muslims; Jesus Christ for Christians; Lord Buddha for Buddhism; etc.

They left out their sayings and principle for leading and running the community via scriptures e.g Bhagwad Gita for Hinduism, Guru Granth Sahib for Sikhism; Quran for Muslims; Holy Bible for Christians and so on….this all ancient scriptures consist of our own identity and rituals.
When we follow and respect this all things then we fulfill the rules and regulations for being individual of any community.

When we. Fulfill this god help us on every stage of life.just we take a common example;-
When we get admission in any schools and colleges we ought to wear a uniform, we have to be punctual, attend the classes and doing home works.we respect the teachers and in future, we became a successful person.

But if don’t follow the rules of schools; not wearing uniforms, not being punctual, not attending classes, and not doing home works with lots of complaints from our teacher disgrace us……….think what you want to do…..this is the aadhyatmm 🙂

12.Why we offer water shower in copper utensils to god sun?
Answer: – Do you know the prism principle in which light passes and give the 7 colors of vibgyor. same as happens in water shower , when we offer water shower to the god sun(Surya argh) the water shower and droplets acts as prism and sun rays pass through it and the seven colors of white light strikes the seven energetic and powerful points (shakti chakras) in our bodies parts which is known as different hormones secretion sites.this white light of sun rays activate this 7 sites.

13.Why we do meditation and what are the benefits?
Answer:Meditation is related with Sri Yoga. When we do meditation we close our eyes and this gives the relaxations of mind and us able to explore ourselves.meditation activates the internal power of the body.

Meditation posture of sitting straight which activates the central coordination system of the brain and us able to give and take right decisions during any difficult conditions.that’s why meditation is prescribed for stress management.self confidence in me

14.Why rock and pop music always give the mental stress and problems?
Answer: Rock and pop music is always high and loud which affects the heartbeats of heart and suddenly it became faster and reduces the life because we exploit our ear and life. Rock and pop music exploit the thinkings and brain metabolisms.

15.Why solar energy prescribed for eliminating skin problems and viruses in the air?
Answer: –DR.GARDNER DR.SOLEY from Cambridge University said that sun rays have a very powerful virus and bacteria killing energy which kills the present bacteria and viruses in the air and increase the content of oxygen in the air.sitting in the sun rays taking the sun bath eradicate the skin problems.

16.What happens to sleep the late day after the sunrise?
Answer:In Atharva Veda of Veda says that ”the individual who sleeps late morning, the sun rays absorb the life energy and intelligence of that individual”. Sleeping late morning disturbs the arrangements of neurons in the brain which affect the memory power of the individual.

17.Why should we eat leaves of TULSI after waking up and why it’s used as ingredients of most of the medicines?
Answer: -TULSI believed to be most sacred and holy plant in all religions scriptures. But the scientist says that Tulsi leaves have more oxygen and juices of health. Dr.resin says that TULSI is suitable for all type of illness and health problems. TULSI is miraculous medicine and it has given the title of WONDER DRUG.

18.Why should we visit temples and worship the god idols?
Answer: –Visiting temples gives the inspiration and feeling of the divine world where is peace and positive energies. Scientist says that person has the effect of everything which he hear, wear, share and aadhyatmm recommends you to visit the temples, gurudwaras, mosques, and church. Worshiping the god ideas give the feeling of the presence of personality which looks like our imagination god and he/she will definitely solve his/her problems and fulfill his /her wishes. Because we had just heard about the gods via grandparents voice but we feel real when we visit the different spiritual places

19.Why should we get up early in the morning?
Answer:-The early morning time is very quiet, clean and ozonized with fresh air.the individual who wakes up early in the morning is very active, intelligent and successful as compared to others.students should take the benefit of getting up early in the morning
an ancient quote said that
”Jo Jagat Hai so Paawat Hai Jo Sovat Hai so Khowat Hai”

20.Why should we do Surya namaskar(combination of 11 aasans)?
Answer:In ancient time monks and rishi munis made combinations of chant and exercises in this common Surya Namaskar which provide you peace of mind and strength of body with lots of relaxations,intelligence$wisdom.