7 Ultimate Ways to Improve the Performance of Windows 8

(Last Updated On: December 4, 2016)


Windows 8 is the new operating system of Microsoft. This operating system widely used in going on desktops and mobile phones. This operating system known for its speed, fluidity control, clear images, automatic error remover, alert management, easy bigger option of getting lots of information on a single screen. I mostly recommend this as operating system. This operating system 8 has the unique option of giving user photo for the operating system. Most of the company giving the this as an operating system on their desktop like Sony, Dell, HP, etc…



Windows 8 has lots of options, but the recovery time of this software is less. This only occurs when user laptop has lots of malicious files and folders which contain viruses and temporary files. This all error drops the performance of this operating system. Like this operating system take lots of time to recover, opening the folders, running problem, slow configuration of web pages, etc.. How to tackle these all problems of this operating system? How to enhance the performance of windows 8? What are the steps of enhancing the performance of windows 8? ……

Windows 8 Performance on Your Desktop

Follow the following steps for enhancing.Use your keyboard button of windows and alphabet key ‘R’.

Note:- Kindly perform all steps after connecting AC adapter. 

windows 8 keys

  1. Press the windows logo and R both at a time (  + R ) , to open RUN,


  •         Type  ” prefetch” and click on OK

 windows 8 run tool

  •    Select and delete all the files (some of the files cannot be deleted so leave those files)
  1. Press again windows logo and R both at a time (  + R ) , to open RUN,


  •          Type   ” %temp%” and click on OK

windows 8 run tool 2


Select and delete all the files (some of the files cannot be deleted so leave those files)

  1. Right click on task bar and open task manager. 

windows 8 task manager


4) Go to Startup Tab 

windows 8 startup option


  • Disable the unwanted  applications or software. 

windows 8 startup option 3


  1. Disk Cleanup 

windows 8 search board

  • Search disk cleanup in search option.

         windows 8 run tool 3

  • In disk cleanup put a check mark on all the boxes below and click on Clean up system files

windows 8 disk clean up option

  • Again click on OK and Delete Files in Disk Cleanup:

windows 8 disk clean up for c


  • Finally the Disk Cleanup windows will come

windows 8 disk clean up 2


Restart the Windows 8 and your PC. Now your PC will work well. 🙂 Know more about the new technologies on keyshone.com.

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