Summer Six Months Training in Government Research Labs

(Last Updated On: January 26, 2016)

6 month industrial summer training in government research laSix month training or Industrial training is required in every higher education streams like Btech,MBA,CA etc.Industrial training is vital for the introductory experience in industry.Industrial training include the research and development on various trade related projects.As I am a student of aeronautical engineering I will prefer DRDO,NAL,HAL,ISRO for the training. Similarly various trade holder have their own industrial training labs and centers. But government labs and centers are prestigious for the industrial training. According to the AICTE guidelines government labs six months training provide extra points to the curriculum vitae and degree.Today I am discussing some most reputed and prestigious government labs for engineering industrial training.I am today also sharing the procedure to reach this government labs and centers.


DRDO is vast organisation of Ministry of Defence.Defence Research & Development Organisation (DRDO) works under Ministry of Defence. DRDO working towards enhancing self-reliance in defence Systems and undertakes design & development leading to production of world class weapon systems and equipment in accordance with the expressed needs and the qualitative requirements laid down by the three services. DRDO is working in various areas of military technology which include aeronautics, armaments, combat vehicles, electronics, instrumentation engineering systems, missiles, materials, naval systems, advanced computing, simulation and life sciences. DRDO while striving to meet the Cutting edge weapons technology requirements provides ample spin off benefits to the society at large thereby contributing to the nation building.


According to the organisation students should reach the respective labs directors in the region for six months training or industrial training. Each laboratory has a different field of research, development and core competence like armaments, materials, electronics, heavy vehicles, missiles, life sciences etc. Cluster of laboratories under the aegis of Ministry of Defense, each has different training policies based on their security restrictions. The Director of the concerned lab is the only approving authority for such type of industrial training’s.

  • Contact the Director of the concerned lab Or HRD in which you desire to get your training through the Head of your College/Institute.
  • Any further clarifications regarding the six months training process and policies may also be obtained from the concerned lab in which you desire to have your training from.

    Aeronautical Engineering Internship: Get the 40+ labs directors contacts and email id’s (DOWNLOAD)



ISRO is the organisation of research and development in space.The Indian Space Research Organisation is the primary space agency of India. ISRO is amongst the largest government space agencies in the world. Its primary objective is to advance space technology and use its applications for national benefit.ISRO has 19 centres all over the India for research and development in space.


For reaching the various labs and centre of ISRO.Again the trainee has to contact the directors or head or HRD of the lab and ISRO centres.Get the contact list of the head of various isro centres in India.



Visit the official website of particular government training centre for research. Most of the government organization training procedure is same. Don’t forget the newspaper reading and social media advertisement about training.