9 Amazing Things to Know About Asteria Aerospace Company

(Last Updated On: September 10, 2021)

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#1 Essential things to know about Asteria Aerospace

Asteria Aerospace is one of the emerging companies that primarily focus on artificial intelligence and robotics.

Asteria aerospace is providing drone-based solutions for the situation that require ariel data.

#2 Things to know about the activities of Asteria Aerospace

Asteria Aerospace is providing drones for security and surveillance applications.
Military, Paramilitary, and Police forces are the major clients of Asteria Aerospace.

They are providing autonomous survey drones to industrial clients such as oil and gas, mining, construction, and agriculture sectors. Asteria Aerospace is headquartered in Bangalore.

#3 Things to know about the founders of Asteria Aerospace

Nihar Vartak and Neel Mehta found asteria Aerospace, both of them are alumni of Purdue University.
Nihar has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Aerospace engineering, and Neel completed his bachelor of science in aerospace engineering from Purdue University and a master of science from Georgia Tech.

Nihar Vartak worked in Boeing Company as a system and flight test engineer and after that, he continues his career in Accenture as a Process and Strategy Manager.
Neel Mehta worked as a System Engineer in Rockwell Collins Inc., USA.

At Asteria Aerospace Nihar Vartak is focusing on business development, client management, developing sales, and marketing methods.
Neel Mehta is responsible for product development, research of new technologies, and collaborating with external technology partners.

#4 Things to Know about A 200 Drone of Asteria Aerospace

A 200 is a compact size drone designed and developed by Asteria Aerospace.
The A 200 drone can be used for surveillance, security, and industrial inspection operations. DGCA certifies it, and it has automated operations from takeoff to landing.

The drone’s weight is only less than 2 kg and it can cruise up to 40 km/hr and continuously operate for twenty to twenty-five minutes. It can fly up to 120 meters above ground level.

#5 Things to Know about A 400 Drone of Asteria Aerospace

A 400 is a drone used for surveillance and security applications. This drone is capable of operating in constrained environments. This is also autonomous and Asteria’s software allows users to easily command and control.

It has an encrypted data link for the secure transmission of data and its fail-safe mode will return the drone to a safe place during the loss of communication and loss of GPS signal scenarios.

The drone is less than 3.5 kg and can cruise up to 50 km/h at an altitude of 500 m above ground level. Asteria Aerospace’s A 400 can operating range is 5 km and it has advanced payload capabilities.

#6 Things to Know About the CYGNUS UAV of Asteria Aerospace

CYGNUS is a fixed-wing unmanned Ariel Vehicle designed for security and surveillance operations.
CYGNUS is designed to meet the requirement of sectors like military surveillance, Industrial security, and powerline or pipeline monitoring.

This UAV is suitable for quick deployment and it is autonomous from takeoff to landing.
Even it is a fixed-wing UAV, it does not require a runway to take off and landing. CYGNUS’s electrical propulsion system is silent and it is inaudible at 150 m.

The data and video transmitted are encrypted and it is secure for any kind of confidential operation. If the GPS or communication system fails the drone will come back to a safe place using failsafe mode.

#7 Things to Know About the Genesis Network Platform Developed by Asteria Aerospace

Genesis is a network platform used for managing a fleet of drones. It is developed for security and surveillance applications. It will give data from multiple drones in a single place, so the decision-makers can act quickly.

Genesis is good for beyond visual line of sight operations and it uses military-grade encryption for data transmission.

#8 Things to Know About the Reliance’s Investment in Asteria Aerospace

Most startups are relying on investment at its beginning stage and some investment makes them grow better and increase their reputations.

Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Strategic Business Ventures (RSBVL) invested 23.12 core and acquired a stake of
57.18 percent in asteria aerospace.

Investment from an experienced business group like reliance shows the journey of asteria aerospace is in the right way and it is progressing to a bright future.

#9 Asteria Aerospace shortlisted by CRPF’s Grand Challenge

Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) and Startup India conducted a grand challenge to solve problems related to defense and security.

The grand challenge was conducted in December 2019.