10 Best Exercises to Do at Home for Fitness

(Last Updated On: September 3, 2017)

10 best exercises to do at home for fitness

10 Best Exercises to Do at Home for Fitness


These 10 best exercises to do at home will keep your body fit in all weathers.
Whether it is raining, too cold, or too hot to go outside, you still have to burn your daily calorie count.

You can’t skip on your exercise just because the weather won’t allow it. This is exactly why you need to learn about the 10 best exercises to do at home that will keep you fit.
These exercises don’t require much, in terms of equipment, and best of all you can do them without leaving the comfort of your home. These 10 amazing exercises to do at home are:

Skipping Rope - best exercises to do at home

1. Jumping Rope

If you have never jump roped before, then you will need to give it a try. It is an excellent workout that you can do basically anywhere – all you need is a skipping rope.
Just a couple of minutes of skipping rope will leave you out of breath. That’s how you know that it’s doing the job.

2. Stairs Steps

Have a set of stairs in your home? Then you are all set.
Step up and down on the bottom most stair while you listen to your favorite music. Alternate between legs to get a full workout.
You can also do this exercise with a sturdy chair, in case you don’t have stairs in your home.
Adjust the speed of the exercise to make it more intense.

3. Plank

Strengthening your core is very important to keep yourself fit, and the plank is the perfect exercise to do it.
It will provide you with a full body workout. You can take the position and hold it for half a minute in the beginning.
Take few seconds of rest and do it again.
You can increase the time as you progress.

4. Pushups

Every trainer you will ever meet will tell you that pushups are the best exercise that you can do at home.
From your shoulders to your core, every muscle in your upper body will feel the burn after you do a few pushups.
You can start by doing 10 reps of the pushups and 3 sets per workout. Increase the reps to increase the intensity later.

5. Lunges

You can do lunges around the home to make the exercise fun.
Instead of doing it in place, like you would at a gym, you should keep moving forward and ‘lunge’ around your home.
Carry heavy books or bags in your hands to add more difficulty to the exercise.

6. Chores

Cleaning, washing clothes, moving furniture, etc. are all physical activities that can burn a lot of fat.
Create a schedule of chores to do and do them one by one without taking much rest and it will be one of the toughest workouts you have ever experienced.

7. Squats

Squats are one tough exercise. There are different variations that you can try to make it even more intense.
You can even hold water bottles as weights to add more resistance to the workout.

Back best exercises to do at home

8. High Knee Running

If you are a fan of running, then this will be a good workout for you when you indoors.
Hold out your arms in front of you and try to hit them with your knees one at a time, while staying in place.
It sounds easier than it is.
Your heart will be trying to break out of your chest after you have done a few of these.

9. Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks are a tried and tested exercise. It moves your whole body and is a great cardiovascular exercise. To extend your fitness buy a punching bag and throw some punches for your upper body.
You can do them while you are watching TV. Whenever an advertisement shows up, get up and do some jumping jacks.

10. Yoga

When done right, yoga can be a very intense workout. It not only burns calories but also tones your muscles.
There are plenty of positions that are perfect for a beginner.
You can search for some instructional videos and get into yoga.
When you have mastered the initial poses, there are plenty more for you to try.


You will fall in love with working out at home when you give these 10 best exercises to do at home a try. You won’t have to deal with traffic or sweaty equipment at the gym.
Use the best exercises to do at home above to create a workout plan that will keep you fit without going outdoors.