Why is Junk Foods Bad [Research Report]

(Last Updated On: November 19, 2016)


Junk Foods are oilier and excess in calories of food materials that consumed by the people for a change of taste. We mostly consume it due to its addiction of taste and smell. Junk food contains cholesterol, fat and respiratory problems. Junk food are the source of various health ailments. Some well known brands of junk foods provider are KFC, MC Donald, Pizza Hut etc..

Why junk foods are bad?

This post will tell you truth of junk foods. This report post is written after research on internet and other study materials.

Type of Junk Foods and its Ingredients:

Junk food consists of oil, high salt, adulterated wheat, rotted bread, synthetic flavors , colors, sauce of preservatives and low quality adulterated oil. Junk food also contains MSG, chemicals, acids, caffeine and some addictive contents. Type of junk foods are burger,noodles,pizzas, hotdog etc.. You know all well names of junk foods.

junk food habits

Harmful Effects of Junk Foods:

Moms who eat junk food while pregnant or during breastfeeding are setting up their babies to be addicted to a high-fat, high-sugar diet, prone to more health problems during pregnancy

A research and experiment done by foodplus research said that aphids are produced by the body as a reward response in eating junk food, including in response to fat and sugar. These opioids stimulate the production of the “feel good” hormone dopamine, which produces a good feeling to eat more junk food that’s why we addict to eat junk food.


Junk foods effect lot of pregnant women that children being born to a mother who ate a diet dominated by junk food would need to eat more fat and sugar to get the same good feeling, increasing their preference for junk food. It would also encourage them to overeat. this means that eating junk food transmits the same sensation of eating junk food to its next generation also by genes circulation.

Although the research done food society of the world shows that many of the long-term health problems associated with maternal junk food diets can be avoided if offspring carefully follow a healthy diet after weaning, they are always going to have a predisposition for over consumption of junk food and obesity. It’s going to make it much more difficult to maintain the healthy body weight.

Junk Food Prevention :

At last health experts recommends  for eating and consuming more fresh fruits,vegetables and milk items.