intelligence definition,how to increase intelligence with steps

(Last Updated On: March 10, 2015)

Intelligence definition,how to increase intelligence with steps


Intelligence refers to developing the mind coordination of getting the answer.intelligence is very necessary to solve the problems and to get the success!.IT’s said that if you don’t have any weapons and tools then intelligence is only owned self weapon which can be used to get out from any problem.intelligence is the key of fame and name.

intelligence of mind

how to increase intelligence?

this can be increased by your own will agreement.if you are agree to build and enhance your fame and name then you ought to use the natural talent of intelligence.
this basically depend upon the processing of mind and its coordination system.if your neurons are well and more active then you’ll able to think  fast and rightly.increasing intelligence tips are:-


1.wake up early in the morning or wake up before sun rise because early morning ozone content is more in the air and our mind neurons need it so we have wake up early in the morning.

2.Eat food which consist of rich proteins and vitamins. and solve more mathematics problem and try to solve some day to day problems by your aptitude.
4.always prefer to do meditation in evening and early in the morning.
5.visit and read the holy places scriptures.

intelligence factors

Are you intelligent or not?:

If you are intelligent i mean if you are scoring 90%  and above marks in your result sheet . People admire and praise you by speaking  “oh you are so intelligent” . if you are not so intelligent than don’t worry i can prove you are intelligent. how????????

Your intelligent resides in your will power. i give you some example like Albert Einstein who was very dumb student. Who  was ever punished by the teacher for not learning the historical dates .Even no school wants to give him admission .At last his mother holds his hand and said “oh my shine don’t worry we will do something for you”. After that one day came when surprised the all teachers,scientists by theory of relativity, mass energy equivalence,Einstein mathematical theory. so at last i want to say you can develop your number of neurons activation(intelligence). It’s upon you how you take it. thank you 🙂