Gas Turbine Engines Definition and Types

(Last Updated On: March 6, 2015)

Gas Turbine Engine Definition and Types:-

In Aviation world all kind of aircrafts need a propulsion system.That some power source which propell aircraft throughout flight.Gas Turbine Engines are most common used engine’s  for this purpose.Different Types of Gas Turbine Engines are used in all aircrafts.For an aeronautical engineer,Specially for propulsion one the basic of these engines like  Gas Turbine Engines Definition and Types  should be very clear.Today we will briefly discuss Gas Turbine Engines Definition and Types,what are these engines and why they called so ! So lets start to This very basic of aeronautics ‘Gas Turbine Engines Definition and Types‘.

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Gas Turbine Engines Definition and Types:-

A gas turbine engine is an  internal combustion engine. This Engine Works on open cycle.This Engine  uses air as the working fluid. The engine takes chemical energy from fuel and converts it to mechanical energy.It Does it by using the gaseous energy of the working fluid (air) to drive the engine with their rotating components like turbine  ,compressor,fan propeller etc.This all produces thrust at last which  propel the airplane.

The basic operation of the gas turbine engine uses  air which enter through a diffuser and then pressurized at compressor.fuel is sprayed into the air and ignited with the help of igniter. Thus  combustion generates a high-temperature flow. This high-temperature high-pressure gas flow through  turbine, where its energy is taken by turbine to rotate itself.Here pressure of gas comes down and velocity of output exhaust used as thrust.There are many types of gas turbine engine.These all gas turbine engines definition and types are

  • Turbojet Engine
  • Turboprop Engine
  • turbofan Engine
  • Turbo-shaft engine


For an aeronautical engineer,Specially for propulsion one the basic of these engines like Gas Turbine Engines Definition and Types should be very clear

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Turbojet Gas Turbine Engine :-

It is basically a type of gas turbine engine.Air breathing engine in which all thrust is taken from stream of jet or exhaust getting out of nozzles at the hence called Turbojet Engine

Turboprop Gas Turbine Engine:-

It is basically a turbojet engine with propeller at the front end of engine completely outside.Most %age of its thrust is produced  by propeller and rest of it is by exhaust.

Turbofan Gas Turbine Engine:-

Turbofan engine contains a suction fan ducted inside at the front end.Here Propeller which was outside in case of turboprop is taken inside duct.Total Thrust is a combination of fan and exhaust.

Turbo-shaft Gas Turbine Engine:

In such engines none thrust comes from exhaust.But all engine power is used to rotate a shaft which in turn rotate any external component.All modern helicopter are using turbo shaft engines.

I hope this article gas turbine engines definition and types let u get out of confusion of these engines very basic definitions.We are coming with detailed articles of all these engines very soon.till Than “take care” and keep loving aviation