Chapter 2 – Space Vehicles Introduction to Aeronautics

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Chapter 2 – Space Vehicles Introduction to Aeronautics Quick Notes (PTU):-

Missile and its Types:-

Missile basically is a guided weapon system.It includes four main things in it .Guidance system,targeting,warhead and flight dynamics.there are different Guidance system used to guide a missile or to make sure that it is on correct path.Generally laser guided,infrared guided missiles are some examples. Targeting is used for selecting the targate  to be destroyed.Warhead is a main part of a missile.It is the actual explosive material used to destroy targate. Flight dynamics help missile to make its flight stable throughout its path.Types of missile are:

  • Surface to Surface Missile (SSM)
  • Surface to Air Missile (SAM)
  • Air to Surface Missile (ASM)
  • Air to Air Missile (ATA)

Space vehicles and its Types:-

Space vehicle basically is a flying machine which is used to travel through space.These took flight through earth atmosphere and then enter in space vacuum. These are powered by non-air breathing engines.Rockets engines are used to power space vehicles.These vehicle can be manned and unmanned, depending upon mission and applications.They are used to reach at different heavenly bodies like moon,planets and deep space travel.Types of space vehicle are:-

  • Orbiter space vehicle
  • lander space vehicle
  • Re-entry space vehicles
  • manned and unmanned space vehicles

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Space vehicle basically is a flying machine which is used to travel through space.These took flight through earth atmosphere and then enter in space vacuum.

Reusable Space Vehicles:-

As suggested by its name reusable space vehicles can be used again and again for different missions to space.These space vehicles once complete one travel from earth to space and then back to earth,can be used again for other space missions.For example NASA’s Discovery space vehicle was one reusable space vehicle.But after decided period of time these also get retire.

Space shuttle :-

There is not much difference between space shuttle and a space vehicle.Space shuttle is basically a type of space vehicle.These are used to carry human beings for different space mission or any heavenly body missions for example moon missions. These are designed such that they can re-enter in earth’s atmosphere at very high hyper-sonic velocities.these space shuttles can also be reusable space vehicles.These are used again and again for many missions.

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 Satellites , Types of satellite and their functions:-

Satellites are basically any machine,body,heavenly bodies like moon,planets,star which revolve around any other heavenly bodies like other planets or stars.for example moon revolve around earth in a orbit hence moon is satellite of earth.Likewise earth is a satellite of sun. Man-made satellites are also there.these are machines made by human beings to revolve in orbit of other planets or moon or earth.Types of satellites are:

  1. Man-made satellites
  2. Natural Satellite (for example moon)

Man-Made satellite are further divided on the basis of there functions

  • Weather satellites
  • Telecommunication satellites
  • Reconnaissance satellites
  • Navigation satellite
  • Communication satellite
  • Research satellites
  • Earth satellites
  • Deep space satellites
  • telescope  satellites
  • space exploration satellites.

Function of satellite are mainly for weather casting, navigation on earth, phone communications,television media, and some scientific researches.Some Satellites are designed such that they explore the deep space,taking pictures and keep on moving deep into space.Hubble telescope is one such satellite which takes the picture of universe.