Hurry up just hundred days to go for CBSE boards examinations

(Last Updated On: March 20, 2015)

Hurry up! just hundred days to go for CBSE boards examinations

Hurry up! just hundred days to go for CBSE boards examinations and you are still sitting ideally. Don’t worry is revealing experts tips for tackling the board exam preparations fear.

cbse boards examinations


BRACE UP WITH CONFIDENCE: The three- month study period before the board exams is all about consolidating your past learning.


All subjects for the class 12 board examinations demand a great level of concentration, understanding, application and interpretation skills. These traits are attainable over a considerable period of time, but students can achieve these by regular practice. At this stage, when only 100 days are left for the final CBSE board examination, time-tested study and preparation methods should be followed sincerely.

  • Do all the chapters; remember that grit and perseverance is the key to success.
  • Stop questioning your IQ level.
  • Stop telling yourself that you are weak, the subject is difficult and cannot be done by you.


For the class 12 CBSE boards examinations , we give you some strategies for acting physics. Always remember that: This tips are given by HOD of physics studymate:-

  • It is easy to score marks from the topic in volume 2 of the physics book.
  • Practice diagrams, graphs and numerical examples.
  • You should cover chapters like semiconductors(7 marks),Principle of Communication(5 marks), Atom and Nuclei(6 marks),etc as one gets straight questions from these chapters.
  • In addition to this ,few derivations like application of gauss’s law, Cyclotron, Moving coil galvanometer , AC generator should be practiced thoroughly.
  • Practice ray diagrams(with arrow),circuit diagrams(with current direction) and all the vector quantities with directional representations.


  • 51 marks are allotted to three and five marks questions and 15 marks are allotted to the one and two mark questions. Students are advised to make use of the 15 minutes of the reading time.
  • Answer for one mark questions need to be crisp and to the point.
  • You should consider writing four points in two mark questions wherever possible.


One thing that remains unchanged in any exam is that the student should have in depth knowledge of all topics. By this time you may have finished the syllabus and started your revisions, While revising you should prepare small notes related to important concepts and formula . When you work on questions, your focus should always be on getting your concepts clear and understandings sum of all types. Along with content you should also keep tabs on your time. Each one mark should be secured in 1.5 minutes.

It is important to make yourself aware of the weight age of each unit , number of one mark, four marks and six marks questions that would come in that unit including the type of questions that would fit into each category. This can be achieved by working on practice tests on each unit during the next 100 days and focusing on the breakup of the 26 questions that you need to answer during the CBSE boards examination.

For example, matrices and determinants-13 marks, pattern of questions placement (6+4+1+1+1) Time: 20 minutes. This means that you should practice writing five to six sets of topic test in M&D.


On the day of the cbse boards examinations start attempting the question paper from section 3 which consist of seven six marks questions. Try to complete this section in 70 minutes.

  • Start each questions of this section from a new page, preferably left page, and wind up your attempts by the end of the right page.
  • In   this section, you will have to draw figures in a few questions. Draw them with pencil and proper instruments. They should be properly labeled.
  • Then attempt section 2 which consist of 12 four mark questions. Try to finish this section in 80 minutes.
  • The next 15 minutes should be spent on questions of the one mark category.

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