Introduction to GSAT 7 Satellite by ISRO

(Last Updated On: July 9, 2017)


GSAT-7 is the Indian indigenous satellite, which is launched by the ISRO. This is the multi-band satellite which is specially made for the communication of Navy services and Indian navy army projects, missions.

This is the advance satellite, which is carrying the band of UHF, C band, Ku band.
This is removing the foreign satellites like Inmarsat, which was used for the Indian defense forces for data and information communication.

This is the only satellite, which is widely used for the Indian’s a geostationary satellite.

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Details of  GSAT-7 are:-

  1. Launching Date:29th of  August 2013
  2. Launching Time: 20:30 UTC
  3. Launching Place: Korou ELA-3
  4. Rocket Used: Ariane5 ECA
  5. Contractor Involved: Arianespace
  6. Time Taken: 7 years (planned)
  7. Purpose Type:  Communication
  8. Manufacturer of: ISRO space center, space application center
  9. Mass of GSAT-7 at launching time: 2650 kg, 5840 lbs
  10. Power Exerted:  3 kilowatts
  11. GSAT-7 orbital longitude: 74 degrees east
  12. Operator: ISRO
  13. Bands used by UHF, Ku-band, c band

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Indian Defense Forces are the beneficiaries of this satellite. India is growing very quickly in the field of space and administration. ISRO is the one of the world leading space administration organization.

This is the only  Indian scientist’s crafted satellite in India which will be utilized for the Indian Navy communication