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(Last Updated On: July 2, 2017)

dhoom 3 song lyrics and star cast

Dhoom machale in Dhoom 3 coming Hindi action thriller movie which is produced and distributed by YASH RAJ FILMS. Dhoom 3 is the third version or part Dhoom series Bollywood movie. Dhoom 3 is going to release in Tamil and Telugu also. As we know south Indian audience is most important for earning money from the movie. Dhoom 3 is the only movie in Indian Bollywood which spend ed near about 1.5 billion rupees or 23 million us dollar on overall screening and successful completion of the blockbuster action movie.Dhoom 3 is introducing a new actor in its series i.e Aamir khan as villain (named Sahir) and actress Katrina kaif as the villain (named Aaliya). Dhoom 3 again giving the chor-police story in which chor(Aamir khan,Shahir) with chorni (Katrina kaif,Aaliya) and police is Abhishek bachan(named jai dixit) and co police Uday chopra(named Ali akbar). Dhoom 3 is full of action and thrill withjoker character of Aamir khan. know about the details of this most expensive movie.


This song is title song of Dhoom 3 which is sung by Aditi singh sharma  and composed by Pritam, music composer. this  song is available in your near music stores which is distributed by Yash raj music.This song represented by Aamir khan entry with Abhishek bachan and Uday chopra bike racing.

Dhoom song lyrics

are following  pls check the rhythm while singing

Dhoom Dhoom, Sar chadhi hai
Dhoom Dhoom, Bekhudi hai
Dhoom Dhoom, Race mein gum ho ja

Dhoom Dhoom, khalbali hai
Dhoom Dhoom, har gali hai
Dhoom Dhoom, race mein tu kho ja

Dhoom nashaa hai
Dhoom junoon hai
Dhoom hai hulchul
Dhoom sukoon hai
Aaj tu sab kuchh bula ke jhoooom
Dhoom mach...

We rock it, we roll it
So come on you people

Dhoom Machale, Dhoom Machale..
Dhoom Machale, Dhoom Machale..
Dhoom Machale, Dhoom Machale, Dhoom.. (two times)

Dhoom Dhoom, jism-o-jaan mein
Dhoom Dhoom, ho jahaan mein
Dhoom Dhoom, josh woh bhar ja
Let’s Go!
Dhoom Dhoom, Har zubaan pe
Dhoom Dhoom, Zikr tera
Dhoom Dhoom, aisa kuchh kar ja

Ho… dhoom sharara
Dhoom ishara
Dhoom o yaara
Dhoom dobaara
Aaja dil se dil milake jhooooom…

Dhoom Machale...
We rock it, we roll it
You ready to party!

Dhoom Machale, Dhoom Macha..
Dhoom Macha, Dhoom Macha..
Dhoom Macha, Dhoom Macha Dhoom.. (two times)

Kar na fikar tu kal ki
Lutf le aaj ka
Zindagi hai bas do pal ki
Ek ek pal chura
Jee bhar ke jee le, jee le
Gham dhuein mein uda
Dhoom macha macha macha…

It’s time now for a big big DHOOM!

Dhoom Machale, Dhoom Machale..
Dhoom Machale, Dhoom Machale..
Dhoom Machale, Dhoom Machale Dhoom.. ( two times)

Enjoy the tile song lyrics of dhoom 3 which is sung by Aditi singh sharma and composed by Pritam ,the renounced music composer. how do you like this song lyrics. don’t forget to answer the questions. best answer will won the 2 day and one night stay in baba g ke tabele mein  😀 Keep visiting ………