9 Sure Shot Exam Tips for Preparation from Hindu Religion Thoughts

(Last Updated On: December 2, 2016)


Exam time is the most curious and stressful duration. Exam time is the busiest time where we most of the students avoid mobile phones, television, Facebook and chatting with friends, etc.. Whenever we come to know that this particular subject exam is coming we stand for the preparation of that tough subject exam.

This time is the most challenging and busy time for the parents also because for preparing lunch to giving milk all the caring duties perform by our parents.


Aadhyatmik Way of Getting Success in Exams

  1. Prepare for the subject topics in different parts and prepare for various topics of the subject. For example, if you get the blank day of 2 days than plan for the subject according to the 48 hrs of preparation. While preparation takes a break after completion of one topic or after 2 hours continuous study and memorize all that topics learning.
  2. Do exercise regularly if you don’t have time than walk in the open air for 5 minutes.
  3. Eat healthy foods regularly like milk, fruits, green vegetables, juices etc.. Avoid junk foods.
  4. Visit your pilgrimage site regularly like temples, Gurudwaras, Church, Mosque, etc.. Because all these holy places provide you positive energy and motivation.
  5. While entering into the examination hall forward your right leg in the examination hall with speaking the name of your god 4 times.
  6. Before attempting the exam papers pray to your god for success in exams and close your eyes and concentrate your mind in the middle of your eyebrows for some time.
  7. Open your eyes and read the all questions and attempt the easiest question first after that attempt the hard questions.
  8. While keeps paper in mind of your writing and time duration of the exam. The wrist watch is more helpful in managing your time.
  9. Revise your paper after completing the exam and mark the all question numbers and serial number correctly.