What is NASA Aerospace Engineer Salary for Freshers

(Last Updated On: September 6, 2020)
What is NASA Aerospace Engineer Salary for Freshers

To get a job at NASA is the dream for all of the aerospace engineering freshers. 

It is not only because of the high salary offered by NASA or the United States federal government but also for the exposure to NASA’s aerospace engineering research and space research facilities.

The aerospace engineer salary for fresher at NASA will be higher than any other aerospace companies or research organizations. This is because NASA is backed by the United States federal government.

The laws and regulations regarding the salary for freshers in the united states federal government give a comparatively good salary for federal government employees. 

NASA is a government-funded organization so all of the employees get salaries according to the US government pay scale.

NASA aerospace engineer salary is based on the most common pay scale of the US government called General Schedule (GS). 

As per this system, the employees are categorized into different grades.

According to the pay scale, GS1 is the lowest grade and GS 15 is the highest grade. GS 3, GS4, GS 5, and GS 7 are the categories applicable to the entry-level positions and internship or student jobs.

According to the latest GS schedule, NASA aerospace engineer salary for entry-level positions will be between 24000 US dollars to 48500 US dollars. This salary ranges.

This is a general estimate of the salary offered by the US government but the salary of the employee may vary according to their skills and experience.

NASA Internship Aerospace Engineer Salary

NASA is offering an internship for freshers and highschool or university graduates. This is one of the easiest ways of getting into NASA. The advantage of this program is to get exposure to NASA facilities and working environment.

High school or university students are mostly selected for this. They may be selected on the basis of their performance in their mathematic and science subjects in high school or university studies.

This internship program is limited only for the students in the United States. For international students who wish to join NASA as an intern should apply through NSAS’s international internship program.

Students from some of the universities and space agencies are eligible to apply for the NASA international internship program.

  • Victorian Space Science Education Center (VSSEC) Australia,
  • Crown Prince Foundation Jordan,
  • Israel Space Agency (ISA),
  • Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) Portugal,
  • Norwegian Space Center (NSC),
  • UAE Space Agency (UAESA),
  • National Institute of Higher Education Research Science and Technology (NIHERST) Trinidad and Tobago are some of the space research institutions and universities approved by NASA to sent their students to International internships.

NASA pathway program is another way to aerospace engineering freshers to get into NASA, Some of the pathway programs are paid work experience programs so they may not come in the General Schedule pay scale, but through the pathway program, the aerospace engineering feathers can get a permanent employment opportunity in NASA.

The NASA interns are paid according to General Schedule 3 or General Schedule 4, these pay scales are meant for aerospace engineer salary for freshers. 

According to the indeed job portal, an aerospace engineer at NASA is getting a salary of 100000 US dollars per year.

The aerospace engineering freshers get only less salary or stipend according to the general schedule. 

The surveys and entry reported by various job portals and career websites show that NASA interns get a yearly salary of 30000 US dollars

This salary is 73 percent lower than the average salary earned by an experience NASA employee.

What is NASA aerospace engineer salary for freshers



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