What After B.Tech: Step to Step Preparation for a Job

(Last Updated On: October 17, 2017)

What After Btech Step to Step Preparation for a Job

What After B.Tech: Step to Step Preparation for a Job

B.Tech or bachelor of technology or bachelor of engineering is one of the most popular courses in India.

Every year millions of students passed out from engineering college with degrees.

But, only around 8% out of 100% get their field core jobs and rest of them move here and there.

Employment is a major concern for an engineering student after Btech.

I can understand because I have also passed through this period.

We engineering students have lots of stress to clear exam and then finally to get placed by any reputed company.


Are you pursuing Btech?

Have you completed your Btech but no job?


In this post, you will get answers to following questions

What to do after Btech?

What are some high paying B tech jobs?

Today, I am going to suggest you some tips and tricks for getting a job after or during Btech.

Here I have divided tips and tricks into two categories, one for preparation for jobs during Btech and another for after Btech.

During Btech- Job Preparations

If you are in your final year then you can follow these tips and tricks for getting a job.

Step 1

Start exploring about extra skills required for getting a job in your respective field.

A survey by India’s today said most of the Indian engineers are unemployed due to their lack of required industry skills.

Your single degree will not provide you dream job because the industry needs expert and skilled employees.

  • Start exploring for skills required for a dream job.You can start your exploration from job sites like Monster, Naukri, and Shine .  You need to start with the search bar for jobs post and skills requirement.For example, if you are exploring for a job in computer science then you should know about job posts like web developer, software developer, data scientists etc.. See below example

skill search for jobs after btech

Step 2

  • After this note down the important skills from search results.As shown below in the image. Now, start preparing for these skills.

job skills search

Step 3

  • Search for institutions those provide these skills training. Make sure to choose institutions those have ISI certifications. Check out their well-placed alumni lists. Sometimes companies give you job opportunity on the reference of your training institutions.

Step 4

  • Start participating in open job fairs those are organized by different universities.

Step 5

  • Pace up your communication skills.Participate in group discussions and presentations. 


A survey says that more than 90% engineers are poor in communication skills. If you are not good in communication skill then start learning.


After Btech

After completing Btech, most of you opt for these jobs

  • Public Sector Undertaking Jobs
  • Civil Services
  • Startup
  • Teacher or Lecturer
  • Social Worker

Most of us do heal peak efforts to get PSU and civil services jobs. Some of us get the job but many again remain jobless.

Then comes going abroad for higher studies.

Going abroad for higher studies is next very popular option by engineering students.

Somedays ago, I have written a post on top sources to get high paying jobs in India.

When you will read this above linked post then you will come to know about some best sources to get a job.



Moving forward, here are top 5 jobs which can give you handsome monthly pay in your hand. These jobs posts are selected on the basis of their requirement in industry. Maybe these jobs are not related to your field but have huge growth scope.

1.Content Writer

Every organization needs a content writer for stories, posts, news, releases etc.. These job posts are high in the market. Again take care of respective skills like copy writing, technical writing.


2.Web Developer

In this online era, every organization has the website and they need a developer to make time to time changes and development.


3.Data Scientist

These people are responsible for managing the big data into charts, sheets, statistics etc.. These scientists are high in demand due to digital analytics growth in businesses.


4.Digital Marketing Expert

This is one of the highest paying and popular job in the world. The entire world is turning into digital space. Every organization needs a digital marketing expert for marketing on digital platforms like mobile, tablets and desktops.


5.Business Consultants

Most of the startups hire business consultants to avoid pitfalls in business. They are also required for business growth strategy and planning.

Over to you

The industry needs the skilled human resource that’s why they look out those skills in a job candidate. Today is a huge requirement for skilled employees. In this competitive business era, every company wants to grow in lesser time.

Start learning skills and skills which are required by industry.

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