Top 6 Aerospace Engineering Schools in the World

(Last Updated On: January 18, 2018)

top 6 aerospace engineering schools in the world

Top 6 Aerospace Engineering Schools in the World

Are you searching for top aerospace engineering schools in the world?

Here we have a list of top 6 aerospace engineering schools in the world. Read this post until the end.

Aerospace engineering is challenging and requires students to be with great resolution. Opting a school for pursuing such a course requires preparation by putting together many factors which make these school an ideal decision. Without putting you in a state of overwrought, let us get into the list of the most sought-after schools for aerospace engineering.

It is to be noted that this list contains information from various educational websites who have/might have ranked these schools taking into account a number of factors.


#1 National University of Singapore

national university of singapore

NUS has a rich tradition in engineering and is the no.1 engineering school in Asia (as claimed on their website). Most of Singapore has been built by engineers from this university. Aeronautical engineering as a specialization comes within the coursework of Bachelor of mechanical engineering.

They also have a Centre for Aerospace Engineering which is claimed to be equipped with state of the art technologies making aerospace research easy. With a mechanical department dedicated to excellence in education, research and innovation for changing the world, NUS is truly a top aerospace engineering school in the world.  Check this website for more details.



Germany is known for its interests in aerospace engineering evident from its futuristic WW2 aircrafts. RWTH Aachen University established in 1870 in Germany boasts department of mechanical engineering as one of its pre-eminent section in the field of engineering sciences.

Aerospace engineering is a substream of the mechanical engineering course taught here, the university sadly doesn’t offer any bachelors course but has an M.Sc. in Aeronautical and Astronautical engineering which is a research and academic-oriented program concentrating on establishing a balanced work-life environment.

The course is taught in German but still, RWTH Aachen with its popularity in all of Germany and Europe makes it as one of the top aerospace engineering schools in the world.


#3 ISAE SUPAERO (Toulouse, France)

ISAE SUPAERO (Toulouse, France)

The city of Toulouse, France is known worldwide as a home to many prominent Aerospace engineering companies like Airbus, Dassault aviation etc., Surrounded by the leading aerospace companies, ISAE SUPAERO has a wonderful environment and is a dream for many looking to pursue a career in Aeronautics.

This top aerospace engineering school located in Aerospace campus, Toulouse, offers a wide range of aeronautical courses which can be learned from their website.

The courses are divided into a 4-semester program offering one semester dedicated for a master thesis to be completed in an industry or in a laboratory and as many as 19 electives. The school houses a beautiful campus and many centers dedicated to Aerospace research.

#4 Cranfield University (U.K)

Cranfield University (U.K)

Cranfield University is the only university in Europe with its own airport and a runway. With very strong links to leading industries in the field of aerospace, they focus on delivering aircraft, airport and airspace management for the future.

Cranfield claims to have a 70-year-old tradition in aerospace which makes it with no doubt a top aerospace engineering school in the world.About 75% of the students studying in this university are from outside U.K. Cranfield’s Aerospace courses are accredited by the Royal Aeronautical society and by Institute of mechanical engineers and is valued all over the world.

Students have a bright career as aerospace design engineers, systems design, structural design as well as in the field of avionics. Typical student destinations include top companies such as BAE Systems, Dassault aviation, Rolls-Royce etc., check the website for more details.

#5 MIT Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics (Massachusetts Institute of technology)

MIT Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics (Massachusetts Institute of technology)

MIT is the most sought-after university to pursue a degree in either masters or bachelors in engineering, all around the world. They provide AeroAstro, which is America’s oldest and most respected aerospace program in a university.

They pose to have a strong scholarship tradition and history of solving industrial oriented problems. The students have widespread career opportunities including those dreaming to become an astronaut. With close ties to NASA and other governmental aerospace establishments, MIT’s department of aeronautics and astronautics is a top aerospace engineering school in the world for many students looking for a career in aerospace. For more details visit their website.

#6 California Institute of technology (U.S.A)

Cranfield University (U.K)

Caltech is one of the main competitors to MIT in terms of making engineering experts. Caltech provides biosystems inspired engineering which is very rare to see in other universities. The university has faculties who are highly visible in their respective fields of expertise and also continue to achieve numerous awards. They have state-of-the-art lab facilities for stellar experimentation in the field of aerospace and also have the infrastructure for unique and large-scale computational capability. They provide courses focusing on the fundamental of mechanics such as fluids, propulsion, materials, structures, space, etc. Caltech continues to be a top aerospace engineering school in the world for many international aspirants. Do visit their website.