Top 10 Link building Strategies For Traffic Flood on Website

(Last Updated On: September 3, 2017)


Top 10 Link building Strategies For Traffic Flood on Website



Content is king in web business. But however search engine decide whose content is most desirable for the user. After twelve Months expertise of my SEO journey I came to one conclusion that link building is boon to spice up traffic on web site.

Search engine algorithm rewards web site page rank that is once more directly proportional to the amount of links to the web site. Traffic is consequence of quality content and quality natural link building campaign.

After the introduction of Penguin update by Google in 2012.

Link building strategy completely changed by the SEO’s. Google rewards results with good natural backlinks and punishes results with bad and unnatural back links.

So, there is a need of full proof link building strategy for any website.

Any ways!

During my SEO work on my projects which were  suffering from low referral and organic traffic. I was searching the rationale of not obtaining traffic from search engines and from alternative websites?


I did research on traffic of numerous high page rank websites and blogs.

Firstly I collected the data of backlinks by using free seo tools. I know these steps would be common for skilled SEO’s

But at same time beginner SEO’s would be happier to get this data. After my analysis on this websites I was appalled and stunned………?


After three Months of analysis hopefully my projects now getting  traffic of organic and referral from search engines. Today I can share the secrets of my three month agone analysis on quality link building strategy.

Link Building Link Building……………………………….

Link building definitions in modern SEO are creating quality natural links for a website.

Following are 10 ways to build quality natural links for a website.



top 10 link building strategies for traffic flood on website infographics






1. Directory Submission:

Submit your article url and homepage url to valuable directories like etc. Directories have editors who allowed publishing the content of directories. This directory submission benefit will be seen in your analytics account when editor allowed to publish your content. This procedure is time consuming, but more sweets in long ways. There is a paid option for quick approval by an editor. Your url could pass if you want to invest some bucks on directory submission unless you have one month and more for editor review.

2. Social Bookmarking:

Social Bookmarking is more important for building quality links and sessions. Social Bookmarking is technically to bookmark your blog content on high page rank or web 2.0 submissions.

Know more about Social Bookmarking on my most hits post on social bookmarking. Also get list of top social bookmarking websites.

3. Social Media Presence:

Social Media is good for traffic building. Every promotion of content begins from social media, so never try to forget your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ user conversion accounts. But there is the most important thing we usually keep aside, i.e. Number of the likes of Facebook, Number of followers on Twitter and Google+. Adding more create one unique blog page on every social media website. Share weekly some hot contents of website and social media page.

4. Forum Commenting:

Forums are more important for driving traffic to a website. Most popular forums are Warrior forums, HARO etc. Ask questions and give reply by your blog or website article source. Invite reporters on HARO for comments. More important for link building is that just make an account on valuable forums and add a signature by your website url.

5. Maintain your Answers account:

Yes! My dear always maintain your answers account for yourself profile reputation and website profile popularity. Always give answers on Quora,, Yahoo answers, Microsoft answers by giving link back to your article. Don’t forget to read the policies of answers account before commenting. Your answers account could be dismissed if you violate the policy of answers. Be careful in yahoo answers account for link building.

6. Video and Audio glimpse:

Video and audio are more viral on social media and search engines. Make one viral video on your website article subject and publish on YouTube. Similarly, make one audio for your website do follow the link and add in your music websites like etc.

7. Build Online and Offline relations:

Make friends and combine list of friends on a single word or excel account for the link target. Sort out friends those are a blogger, SEO expert, Web developers. Done! You just contact them all for link building boost.

8. Guest Posting Blessings:

Blessings are the gift of respects to your elders and similarly valuable links from reputed websites are blessings for beginners. Respect the reputed website and write for them to give thrust to your author and website profile. Some website like Forbes and Wiki How allowed internal links to your blog which double, triples your website traffic.

9. Broken Link Technique:

Broken links are both dislike by search engines and users. Broken links are big tension for both bloggers and website developer. Does one thing take advantage of this biggest blog problem. Suggest website webmaster about their broken links with a suggestion of your own link on the same broken link subject. Just email the webmaster from their about us and contact page information on link building.

10. Create Quality Content :

Yes! The content is always king on the website. You can change your website look, but if you don’t have quality content. You cannot drive traffic in link building strategy. First, make content king means write and publish content which is unique and easy to read by users. You all are thinking about driving traffic, but most of them are lacking with good quality content.

I hope you enjoyed this quality natural link building strategy .

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