Supersonic Retropropulsion: A Step Towards Human Class Mission to Mars

(Last Updated On: July 2, 2017)

supersonic retro propulsion step to human class mission to mars

Have your ever thought about to take a tour on mars?
If Yes, then I want to aware you about different accidents and losses while reentry of space probes on mars.
Then I want to say with one sentence
“Space is tough, but landing on Mars is toughest”
Is this not possible?

After the research was done by NASA, this is possible.
Yes, this is possible.

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In coming years, we will be able to migrate or take a tour to Mars.

The first step towards this dream of scientists is supersonic retro propulsion system.

Yes, the supersonic retro propulsion system is the first step toward this human class mission to Mars.

NASA is supporting SpaceX for their human class mission to mars. This is a win-win agreement between NASA and SpaceX.

What is supersonic retro propulsion?
How does it work?
Is there any successful trial?

According to my study and research,
Supersonic retro propulsion is a method to deaccelerate the space probe safely while reentry on a planet using the retrorockets in supersonic regime.

spacex rocket landing using SRP
SpaceX Falcon 9 trajectory with SRP

When a space probe reenters any planet it has to face aerodynamic heating. It has to enter in hypersonic freestream first, then supersonic and then subsonic.
In a previous time, parachute used in the subsonic regime to land a space vehicle on the ground. By using the supersonic retro propulsion system on space vehicles, retro rockets (thrust in the opposite of velocity vector of the body) used to decelerate the vehicle. One most important advantage of this system is you can use this at any velocity or regime as compared to previous designs.

SpaceX recently used this system successfully on their Falcon 9 rocket to land on drone ship.
Falcon 9 rocket on April 8, 2016, successfully landed their rocket on drone ship using this technology.

Space research agencies around the world are trying to accomplish this dream of the human class mission to Mars.
SpaceX is now in the race of human class mission to mars.

Scientists predicted that by 2028, we could have six astronauts in mars.

There are still lots of challenges in between earth to mars safe landing of the human.

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supersonic retro propulsion system
Future of space vehicles on mars


astronaut landing on mars from earth using SRP
Astronaut in Rocket while launching and landing on Mars

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