2 Best Ways of Faster Indexing on Search Engines

(Last Updated On: May 28, 2016)


Search Engines Indexing is based on crawling of bots. Bots of different search engines crawl on website regularly, weekly or once in month to check the updates.

Every information of new content on site is first crawled by the bots. Bots of search engines like Google,Yahoo,Bing,etc.

Very few bloggers know about the names of search engines other than Google,Yahoo,Bing.

There are many other search engines than Google ,Yahoo,Bing which sends their bots to crawl the website information.

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Bloggers aim that his blog content must be optimized and index faster as compared to other sites.

Truly speaking, I learned the technique of faster indexing in search engines.

What is the secret of getting fast indexing in search engines?

The answer is Ping List URL Submission in the website or blog reading setting.


  • Pinging is a process by which you can inform major search engines and RSS directories (Google, yahoo, technocratic etc.) that you have updated content on your blog/website. pinging will help your website getting indexed fast and will increase your traffic to a large extent. There are a number of pinging URL which is necessary for pinging the search engines and directories.


wordpress writing settings for faster indexing

  • Process of running the ping list service in website:
  • Following are the steps must be followed during the ping list url submission in the WordPress developed blog.
  1. Go to the dashboard of your WordPress account.
  2. Go to settings>writing settings.
  3. Go to bottom of page.
  4. There you will find the update service box.
  5. Copy the ping list and paste the urls in box.
  6. Congratulation! Now your blog content will be indexed faster in search engines.
  • Warning: Some ping urls are bad for site indexing. So never paste low page rank ping URL for your website or blog. Above ping url are high page rank urls.

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If you want to know the bonus idea then read more.

The second tip for indexing is fetched as a Google, Bing, etc. in various search engine webmasters where you log in to your webmaster account and fetch your article for crawling by bots quickly.

Fetch as Bots

Procedure of fetch as search engine bots are

  1. Log in to your webmaster account.
  2. Open your website/blog dashboard.
  3. Go to the fetch as Google
  4. Take any permalink from your website or blog and paste in box .
  5. Submit URL for indexing.
  6. Your URL will be indexed by the bots after some time.


These two methods will help you a lot in faster search engine indexing. These two methods are extracted from my search engine optimization experience. Whenever you don’t get your pages indexed by search engine,use these two methods. I hope this post will help you a lot.


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