Say Good Bye to Anger,Laziness and Sleeplessness Tips,Ideas

(Last Updated On: March 2, 2018)

Say Good Bye to Anger, Laziness and Sleeplessness tips, Ideas, Solution


Anger, sleeplessness, and laziness are the numerous and wide nervous ailments found in today generation. Anger causes destruction, sleeplessness causes tensions, health problems, laziness causes delays-time past-excusing opportunity. So it’s necessary to control and even stop this mind disorders.

 if we talk about the today ongoing condition of this century, we have lots of power of technologies, science, luxuries, money, strength but we are today lack in the peace of mind, deep and tension free sleep, healthy thinking, and relations. We get frustrated and irritated on small talks, we want to take revenge from our rivals. My friends, we are a lack in the peace of mind. So today Keyshone is going to introduce you some tips to

control the anger, sleeplessness, and laziness. Here this all is:


Anger Controlling Methods;-

Well! Anger is the worse emotion of human which is very difficult to control but KEYSHONE makes possible.
1.Eat any food item peacefully up to 20-30 minutes.

2.Whenever you get anger see your comical face in the mirror.

3. Fill a bowl with water and with watching it continuously speak “Om Shanti”. Speak it 21 times and after it drinks it.

4. Whenever you get anger start reverse counting from 100 to 1

5. Drink more water close your hand and jump on your toes.

Laziness: Whenever we want to study or prepare presentations, we often get tired we sense to sleep. This laziness effects our personality:

How to remove laziness :

1. Eat betel leaves(pan) with cardamom(long).

2. Do pranayama and asanas of Patanjali yoga.

3. Avoid oily foods and drink lots of water.

4. Do regularly stretching of body in the morning

5. Regularly sit at least an hour in “VAJRASANA

How to Treat the Problem of Sleeplessness :

sleeplessness is the popular problem in our developed society. Students are affected by this problem. KEYSHONE- your friend giving ideas to overcome sleeplessness::-x

1. Boil the pudina leaves in 1$ 1/2 glass of water and filter it mix honey with it and drink it regularly at night gives you sweet dreams.

2.wash your feet with warm water.

3. Rub your foot back with mustard oil.

4. Take 2 drops of mustard oil in both ears.

5. Do meditation with “Gyan mudra” regularly. All the above are taken from daily life practices. So don’t worry KEYSHONE love and care for you all.