5 Remarkable Ways of Online Business Reputation Protection

(Last Updated On: November 27, 2016)


Do you know about online business reputation protection? How it can boost your online business.

Nowadays businesses are going online because there lots of potential customers are surfing on the internet for products. Most buyers like to prefer online to check products designs, availability, stock and price comparison.


In this digital era, the internet has billions of users. Most of the business owner knows about these facts, that’s why they are investing lot in making and protecting their business online.

All potential buyers like to check the product reviews before buying it. If your business product has good reviews then your business will get hefty profits.

Suppose you are running an online shopping site, when buyers visit your website they most likely to check your product reviews. In any case your existing and previous customers are not happy with your product, then they like to add bad reviews for your business products. That’s why online business reputation protection is vital for business growth.

Giving a quick response and satisfaction to unhappy customers is necessary to save your online business from hefty loss. Online business reputation management services deal with business reputation protection.

How you can save your online business?

What to do for creating a good online business reputation?

I have concluded some sure shot ways in this post which will help you to save your business from biggest disasters. Let’s learn more about the ways of online business reputation protection.

1.Create a Product Review Website or blog

Website or blog is one of the best platforms to reveal about your product and your business services. You can add reviews and testimonial of your existing happy customers. Create a blog post on various products. Include product description, specification and reviews of happy customers. For example Flipkart product review website.



2.Create a Product Review YouTube Channel

YouTube is the second largest search platform and social networking site after Facebook. Your potential buyers spend lots of time on YouTube videos. Creating a channel on product review will make your buyer’s confidence and more convertible. Add videos related to your business, product reviews, testimonials and benefits. For example check the car review YouTube Channel like Carwow. Carwow has more than 1 Lakh subscribers who likes to see their favorite car reviews. You should contact this types of product related channels for your product reviews.


3.Create a Business Account on Customer Complaints Website

Your unhappy customers will like to post complaint on the customer complaint website like Consumer Complaints, MouthShut, SiteJabber. Create your business accounts on these websites and give quick response and problem solution. This will add more happy and regular customers to your business. Like HDFC bank has company or business page on ConsumerComplaints to deals with their existing customer complaints.


4.Create a Business Page on Social Networking Sites

Where you spend your maximum time to make friends, chat and information sharing. Your customers are also spending lots of time. Create a business page and give quick replies to your customers. Most of the biggest brands like Amazon, Flipkart and Ebay use this way to satisfy their customer. Check the Amazon India Facebook page.


5.Create a Quick Response Team for Customer Queries

Quick response team is your customer support team. Quick dealing with your customer is necessary so create a team which will handle customer order, complaints and return. This quick response team should handle the customer complaints on social media, complaint websites and business support contacts. For example check the services of Godaddy, HDFC and Flipkart.



Online business reputation protection will be accelerated if your customer support services are excellent. Create a product and do surveys of your happy and unhappy customers. Take the unhappy customer reviews as suggestion and make a better product. Your customer satisfaction is the biggest asset for your business growth.


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