How to Reduce Heart Diseases and Heart Risk Factors

(Last Updated On: November 13, 2016)


Heart diseases and its chronic effects are more fearful for those individuals who are the occupier of modern western lifestyle.

According to world health organization, every year, millions of people complaint for heart attack. In this century every other person we met is sufferer of heart diseases, whether he/she is old age, teenager, even children also.Heart problems are more than the availability of specialists. We are providing you the remedy of heart diseases which is prescribed by the “Dhanwantri Ayurveda Scripture”.After deep searching in ancient epics and scriptures; we are  revealing you the secret of Ayurveda to tackle the various heart problems. We are  providing you the remedy for high blood pressure, low blood pressure, heart blockages, heart attacks, etc.

Remedies and methods are provided below are domestic, household means all the ingredients of medicine are available in your kitchen and nearby grounds.

First of all

What is Heart Attack ?

Heart attack is a heart problem which causes death of person caused by blockages occur due to cholesterol on the valves and auricle.

how to reduce heart diseases

“Heart diseases effected person should control their high blood pressure and cholesterol.”
How they can do this?

All the below tips require your regular intaking of remedies for getting best results.

How to Reduce Heart Risk Factors

These herbs will help to reduce your heart risk factors. These remedies are taken from the Indian Ayurveda scripture i.e. Dhanwantri 

1. Kishmish or Resins

For first day takes one kishmish and wet it in rose water at night and chew it in the morning. In that way increase the dose by day.

For e.g. First day take 1,second day takes 2 respectively follow this schedule up-to 21 days.After the 21 days decrease the dose day by day to 1. Stop this method for some days and after some days restart the course.

Do it three times and get the unbelievable results. It maintains your blood pressure.

kishmish healthy Reduce Heart Diseases and Heart Risk Factors


This remedy is not for diabetes patient. Take 100 ml of water and boil it with dalchini powder. When it becomes 50 ml after boils cool it and mix it with half tablespoon of pure honey. Take it in the morning in empty stomach. Do it for 3 months. This remedy control your cholesterol.

Some Ayurveda Herbs are Present : Herbs Available in India.


Arjuna herb found in India in the Himalayas and Deccan Indian forests.

Take the 200 ml of Indian Desi cow milk and add 200 ml of water after it add 2 GM of Arjuna herb bark powder and boil it. When it became 200 ml cool it. Take it in the empty stomach morning and evening. This medicine gives relief in heart attacks, maintains the heart beats and heart pumping.

arjuna herb reduce Heart Diseases and Heart Risk Factors


Consume 2 pieces of garlic 2 times a day. You can also eat paste of garlic. Garlic kills the harmful bacteria and viruses. It opens the blockages of the heart and its body, pasting give relaxation of cells and tissues.

garlic reduce Heart Diseases and Heart Risk Factors


Dose of Purnarva herb juice is beneficial for heart diseases. Purnarva herb juice opens heart blockages, regulate blood pressure.

purnarva herb reduce Heart Diseases and Heart Risk Factors

All the above remedies are taken from epics of India, i.e. “DHANWANTRI AYURVEDA“.