5 Essential SEO Metrics of Modern Search Engine Optimization

(Last Updated On: May 29, 2016)


Modern search engine optimization includes some most important metrics which helps you in top ranking in search engines. These SEO metrics not only help you in getting top ranking also request of guest posting or article submissions.

If you score well in these metrics, then you could be an internet champion.

Most of the bloggers are striving for good performance in these SEO metrics and push lots of efforts to get a good score.

What are those modern SEO metrics?

These SEO metrics are

  1. DA- Domain Authority
  2. PA- Page Authority
  3. MOZ rank
  4. Trust flow Score
  5. Page Speed Insight Score

Let me guess, Most of you know about it. But very few of you know how to improve them.

I will also share my studies to improve these SEO metrics scores. Let’s begin..

1. DA-Domain Authority

Domain Authority is the score (1- 100) given by MOZ. This SEO metrics give the prediction of website ranking on search engines. Domain authority, not only tells about how well is website ranking on search engines, it also gives the score for reputation of website on the internet.

Ways to Improve Domain Authority

  • You can improve the domain authority by high DA external linking.
  • High DA internal linking.
  • Guest Posting on High DA (25-80) websites.
  • Regular fresh,unique quality content posting.

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2. PA- Page Authority

Page Authority is the score (1-100) which gives prediction of how well is page ranking on search engines. PA is dependent on internal linking,external linking, moz score,number of links etc.. This is developed by MOZ.

Ways to improve the page authority

  • Do high page authority internal linking
  • Do high page authority external linking
  • Manage balance in number of internal and external links on page.
  • Avoid and check broken links regularly on page.
  • Use unique content with social media sharing links.
  • Avoid grammatical mistakes.

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3. MOZ Rank

MOZ rank is the link popularity score (1-10) which gives score on the base of popularity of link.

This score is developed by MOZ. MOZ score is dependent on popularity of your link on internet.

Ways to Improve Moz Rank

  • Do data driven quality content posting.
  • Use social media and forums for promotion of your content. Get numbers of likes,followers and pluses for your quality researched content.
  • Avoid spamming
  • Do social bookmarking on Reddit, StumbleUpon and many more.
  • Do guest posting and be influencer on forbes,linkedin and entrepreneur type of sites.

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4. Trust Flow

Trust flow score is developed by Majestic SEO tools. This score tells about the reputation or influence of page or URL on internet. This is dependent on number of good inbound links to your URL or page. This trustworthy score is updated time to time.

Ways to Improve trust flow

  • Do guest posting.
  • Be a influencer on Forbes,Entrepreneur and Searchengineland type websites.
  • Post data driven quality content on your blog and websites of others.
  • Help in forums or communities.


5. Page Speed Insights

Page speed insights is most important score (1-100) developed by Google developers. This score is essential for getting top rankings on search engines. Page speed is pivotal part of website page ranking. If you have good score more than 65 on both mobile and desktop then you have more chances of better ranking on search engines.

Ways to improve page speed insights score

  • Use CDN Services.
  • Use compression of content.
  • Optimize your images.
  • Avoid lots of java script,css and flashes.


These modern SEO metrics are crucial for top ranking and getting more traffic on website. All these metrics are developed by various reputed search engine companies to make search queries results qualitative and informative. I hope this article will change your SEO techniques.



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