manners teachings for your wards

(Last Updated On: March 7, 2015)


manners are crucial for every age group. manners are the re presentable and remarkable etiquette for all age groups. family categories and rewarded by the presence of manners in the family.

every family in the world is said to well mannered and well behaved when members of the family have good manners and etiquette delivering the manners in the family is based upon the head of the family responsibilities and his/her proper teachings about the basic manners. today we are means keyshone giving you the responsibility of father and mother in building right education and manners in their parents can develop manners in their family and members? what are the manners that parents should provide to their wards?keyshone is giving some manners that parents should give to their wards for making them well behaving and good person in the society.

good manners


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steps of good manners

  • 1.parents must teach their wards and their brother-sister to not borrow any thing from the outsiders and suspicious peoples another than family members.
  • 2.parents should teach their wards to take medicines on time from the childhood age when they needs.
  • 3.parents should teach their wards to not take help from any another person and suspicious person outside the family.
  • 4.parents should practice their wards to greet any senior or old age,elder person by ”namaskar”,’namastey’,salaam’hello etc. and they can bend their heads also in front of the elders.
  • 5.parents must practice their children to serve the elders and help the juniors or young age peoples.
  • 6. parents should trained their wards to never make fun of the seniors, servants and neighbors on any issues.
  • 7.parents should trained their wards to not make various faces and jumping,rotating on the ground when their extra demands are not fulfilled.
  • 8.parents and all the grand parents should teach their wards and grand wards to never use abusive language,fight between family members,and slapping on small issues of the family.
  • 9.parents should teach their wards about control on their tastes and limit their tongue for various junk foods and unhygienic foods.
  • 10.parents should teach to avoid their bad friends and bad circle for enjoyment.
  • 11.parents should teach their wards to not to steal and waste any another thing of neighbors and family friends .
  • 12.parents should teach their wards to not to tease the animals and not to harm them.