Lord Buddha-Great Reformer and Saint

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Lord Buddha-Great saint, philosopher, thinker, and legend. Lord Buddha was the founder of the Buddhist religion.

The whole Buddhism develops and preserved by the Buddhas teachings.
Do you want to know more about Lord Buddha,

Who was Lord Buddha?

The great king of India how he becomes a great saint?

What were the incidents happen with him that proved him the incarnation of God Vishnu?

Lots more questions are coming in your mind. The whole answer you will get on this post. Keyshone is bond and concerned for your knowledge satisfaction.

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History of Buddhism begins in in the sixth century before the Christian era, religion was forgotten in India. The lofty teachings of Vedas were thrown into the background. There was much priest craft everywhere.the insincere priest traded on religion.

They duped the people in the variety of ways and amassed wealth for themselves. They were quite irreligious. In the name of religion, people followed in the footstep of the cruel priests and performed meaningless rituals.

They killed innocent dumb animals and did various sacrifices.the country was in dire need of reformer of Buddhas type.

At such a critical period, when there was cruelty, degeneration everywhere, reformer Buddha was born to put down priest craft and animal sacrifices to save the people and restore the message of equality, unity and cosmic love everywhere.

So how was your experience till now? That was the true story of the world. Know more Lord Buddha.,.,..why aadhyatmm is present here? This Lord Buddha post will give you why aadhyatmm is necessary, Lets we move to the next chapter of Lord Buddha.


Buddha’s father was Suddhona, king of shakhas. Buddha’s mother was named Maya.Buddha was born in 560 b.c.and died at the age of eighty in b.c 480. The place of his birth was known as Lumbini, near the city of Kapil Vastu, at the foot of Mount palpi in the Himalayan ranges with Nepal.

This small city Kapil Vastu stood on the little river Rohini. Some 10
miles northeast of the city of Varanasi, as the time high for Buddha to enter the world, the God themselves prepared themselves the way before him. Maya died in 7days after his son’s birth.

The child was brought up by Maya’s sister maharaja Pati, who become Buddha’s stepmother. Buddha childhood name was Siddharth.

When more time passed a saint came to the door of Suddhona and found Siddharth playing with toys.

He said to the Suddhona that he is not an ordinary man he will become the great saint of future who will change the world thinking about more superstition worship.

King Suddhona get feared that how it will happen?he is the king son. Saint replied that when he will see:
@one decrepit old man
@a diseased man
@a dead man
@ a monk

whenever he sees this four type of person he will become the great saint. King Suddhona, the father of Siddhartha in fear of losing his son king remove the all 4 types persons from his kingdom.

Suddhona wants to make Siddharth as world leading and powerful king. So he after some years married the Siddhartha with princess Yashodhra to indulge the Siddharth in materialistic thing.

But Siddhartha was quite a person and avoid to talk with people. Siddharth became the great and powerful king he got the all luxuries .he became the father of one son, named Rahula. The whole process and life happenings control by God. Sidharth found the 4 type of person.

He rationalized that “my life is not long and one day I also became old and diseased person.my life is very precious and short”. Siddharth cleans his head and wear some clothes and move to the forest for self-exploration.


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