What happens when you die- Death Limitation of Yamraaj

(Last Updated On: July 2, 2017)


Most of us scared about the truth of death. Death is a bitter truth of life. Every human being has an expiry date like every living object on earth. According to Hindu scriptures, god of death is Yamraaj. Yamraaj is responsible for taking life and giving life to the human body. He also judges and gives justice to a human being after death. Our Karmas play most important role in peaceful journey life and death journey.

What happens when we die?

When will you die?

Who will take my soul?

When you die, your soul was taken by Yamraaj or God. You will die after completing your life. Life of human being varies person to person. Yamraaj can also give you more life. How?

What are the limitations of Yamraaj?

Limitations of Yamraaj that we are going to share with you today is the advantages for a human being to increase his life span.

These limitations were discussed by the “NARADA Muni (Hindu God well wisher) ” to YUDHISTRA ( the character of Mahabharat) in most ancient scripture “BHAGWAT MAHAPURANA“, where Narada Muni told the “Limitations of Yamraaj Power of Giving Death” to Yudhistra.
savtri -satymaan story in vat savitri vrat

 Well! This site amended for you all intelligent and devoted good people. Now its time of opening the secret of limitations of Yamraaj power of giving death.

Narada said to Yudhistra that there were a commitment and condition bonding between the universe creator God and death, giving God that in three conditions of human being, Yamraaj cannot take the life of a human being.

What are those conditions?


The three conditions are:-

Condition 1

When a human being is enchanting the name of God

God made a commitment with Yamraaj that he cannot take the life of a person when he/she enchanting the name of God. So Aadhyatmm also suggests you do enchanting of God name to inflate your life and health.

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Condition 2

When Human Being is Attending the God, Holy Seminars or Satsang, Katha

God made another commitment with Yamraaj that he cannot take the life of a person when he is mentally and physically present in devotional seminars or Satsang. So Aadhyatmm advice you to go and hear Satsang for giving right way in your life.

Condition 3

When Human Being is Present with his/her Sadguru or Devotional Teacher

God made strong terms and conditions with Yamraaj that he can’t take the life of a person when he/she is present with his/her devotional teacher/Sadguru because Satguru is the next face of God. So Aadhyatmm recommends you to follow one devotional teacher to boom your spiritual and domestic life.

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