3 Amazing Features of IMAX Cinema Technology

(Last Updated On: December 3, 2016)


IMAX is the Canadian company known as earmarks corporation. This company is run by Graeme Ferguson, Roman Kroitor in Canada, U.S.A.

IMAX means image maximum motion picture film format which has the capacity to display and record the images in higher resolution. This is the new technology, which was invented by the Fox grandeur in 1929.

Hindi Bollywood action thriller movie first time used the IMAX format for attracting the viewers. According to the media Dhoom 3 had spent lots of money on IMAX technology.

Specification of IMAX Cinema Technology



According to the research camera which is used in the recording of video has larger larger film frame. The image recorded and displayed in 69.6 × 48.5 mm (2.74 × 1.91 in) tall, which decreases the video recording memory space and hence movie time.


Film which is used in the movie recording is “15/70” film. The name refers to the 15 sprocket holes or perforations per frame. This film is ESTAR based which is more precise and clear as compared to other conventional movies.


This technology use the IMAX film which does not include an embedded sound track. Instead, the IMAX system specifies a separate six-channel 35 mm (1.377 inch) magnetic film, which is recorded and played back on a film follower locked to picture.


This technology uses the twice lens for projection. Adding a compressed air “puffer” to accelerate the film, and put a cylindrical lens in the projector’s “aperture block”

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