(Last Updated On: December 7, 2013)

WHO IS YOUR LOVE? IDENTIFY YOUR LOVE: Love is word which is auto heart synchronize word,whenever human mind receives the word “love” his/her body get shivered and he/she lost his/her all senses for sometime. We all have love in the relations of

aadhyatmm love


mother,father,sister,brother,husband,wife,and of course friends. Love is very expensive and renounced word which is available with every person but some has to show it and some has to awake it but love is very lovely is applicable and required by those people who wants to live on earth. Love works on the principle of give love and take love.this is the newton’s third law which state that more you will give love more you’l get love. Love is most identified by the relations of lovers but we don’t know the real meaning of love.

aadhyatmm love


What is the real meaning of love? Hello! keyshone readers sorry to disturb you but my interference is necessary. So again you are here i like to thanks you all . Yes! My adorable readers we don’t know the real meaning of love. But the recent study on ”love factor” the human right organisation state that recent year of 2012 22lakh 54 thousand 700 people filed their complaint regarding their right of choosing his/her  favorite  love for life going against to various customs,cultures and rules of their religion.

aadhyatmm love


keyshone says that A person can be said to love an object, principle, or goal if they value it greatly and are deeply committed to it. Similarly, compassionate outreach and volunteer workers’ “love” of their cause may sometimes be born not of interpersonal love, but impersonal love coupled with altruism and strong spiritual or political convictions.


Love is the  emotion of a strong affection and personal attachment. in the ancient love was in pure form because people knows the real meaning of love that’s why they bear the all penalties of their relations with that time (time of ancient  Hindu civilization) people love their family in true sense. at that time whenever any dispute occurs then people like to sort out that disputes by panchayat baithak and conversations. at that time people don’t gift cards and any expensive gift to show their love but their loved one always ready to die for them.

aadhyatmm love

aadhyatmm love

like son love of king dasratha (father of prince ram),daughter love of king manu (first father of life on earth),mother love of lord krishna,friend love of lord krishna and husband love of sita,wife love of legend ram,etc. at that time love was not simply love but big adorable word. at that time love was power to save their loved ones from various accidents and problems like savitri fight with yamraaj for saving husband life from yamraaj. this was so great to love with any one at that time because people have the knowledge of their religion power and aadhyatmm. that’s why their love became example for all upcoming generations. so aadhyatmm is very necessery.


Love  is today became the written formalities. people first make relations and destroy them by using their rights and court allow them destroy their relations. now days friends are only for time pass,entertainment,and for any means. father has no concern about his kids,mother is also busy for their small parties and social affairs,brother wants to get his/her share in property,daughter think that i am insecure so she make new secret relations outside for their relief from family affairs.


lover first take lots of promise  to lead the life happily but after some time they are the first to complaint about their divorce case in court. why this is happening? this is happening due to lack of knowledge about the culture and aadhyatmm. but today are some families who know the importence of moral knowledge in family members and they give time to their families and their families are more happy and prosperous as compared to other families.

but their is only absence moral manners with indian scriptures philosophy. we can also able to prove the real meaning of love only by following the aadhyatmm culture(Hindu civilisation philosophy).


Now we come  know  both ancient love and now days love .now this is time of identifying the true partner or love. true love has following characteristics:

  • he/she should know your all problems,necessities,requirements and illness without complaint.
  • he/she must follow you at any problem and culture rights.
  • he/she must respect your culture,religion,and customs.
  • he/she knows more better than you.
  • he/she like to tell you every new thing like opportunities, challenges, problems firstly.
  • he/she take care of your health and financial data s.
  • he/she always do prayer for your success and prosperity to god.
  • he/she always love to give importance to you.
  • the person who is more devoted to god is perfect partner for any one because he/she is the only who can bring your life from yamraaj via his/her prayers and devotion to god.

now days aadhyatmm found this all characteristics in parents and only parents. happy aadhyatmm meet you soon 🙂