how to increase memory power?

(Last Updated On: March 12, 2015)


Increasing memory power depend upon your daily diet and extra activities. What is the recommended way of dieting for increasing memory power?what are the extra activities which will increase our memory power?how can we increase our memory power to memorize the all trigonometric relations,differential formulas and scientific assumptions,theories.


We must take the breakfast every day because taking breakfast regularly provide the sufficient energy to brain neurons to work more quickly to secretes your all information. Breakfast must not be light nor very heavy which include some heavy food items and some light food items.for e.g.milk with honey,chapattis with butter,porridge,fruits with salt.(never take fruits and milk together it can cause future skin problems)

Lunch is again a good food time for increasing memory power. Lunch must include rice,pulses,green leafy vegetables and salad with lots of water drinking. Sufficient water drinking is good for increasing memory power.
Now dinner time must be light. You must take hot milk with some dry fruits,chapattis with vegetables,some snacks are also good for dinner.

memory power


Increasing memory power include some extra activities like doing yoga and visiting silent places like various holy places.

  1. doing brahmri pranayam
  2. doing budhi shakti vardhak paryog and medha shakti vardhak paryog.
  3. watching any stationery thing continuously  your eyes start showering.
  4. remembering the all activities done by you in a day at night.
  5. drinking lots of water in a day.
  6. doing meditation regularly.