How to Live Healthy and Disease free- Health Secrets from Hindu Scriptures

(Last Updated On: November 19, 2016)


We all need healthy lifestyle. We all strive for healthy and prosperous living on earth. But most of us suffered from diseases of tensions, stress and health problems.

Learn today an outstanding mantra for staying healthy and wealthy. In today drastic and crowded world . It’s common that we trapped in diseases, infections, and illness.

Today, the whole world is surrounded by global warming and due its ill effect, we are consumer of lots of diseases. I am sharing the mantra for a healthy lifestyle which protects you from various diseases and problems.

After searching a lot that mantra we found in the biographical song of “sankatmochan Hanuman“. Copy of Hanuman Chalisa i.e.

Speak and read it clearly

healthy lifestyle yoga anulom vilom

   “Nashe Rog Hare Sab Pira Japat Nirantar  Hanumat Bira”

– Sri Hanuman Chalisa


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How to do this mantra for a healthy lifestyle? 

healthy life style god sankatmochan hanumanji

In empty stomach practice this mantra with yoga

  1.  First of all sit in Padmasan on woolen gear.
  2. Take a long breath and stop the breath inside for 1 minute and exhale out breath with doing mantra speaking inside for 40 minutes.
  3. You can do this above mantra any time for a healthy lifestyle.

Benefits of This Mantra for a Healthy Life Style :

This mantra is boon for kids who often get cough, cold, fever and various stomach problems.

Old age people who has back ache problems, leg disc ache problems.

Practice it in home and in open. Live the healthy and disease free life.